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Spiking Blood Pressure!

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I opened my overflowing mailbox and my blood pressure spikes in clicking anguish!

A mad woman in my head screams and runs off into the bushes to go and hide.

She just wants to ball herself in a fetal position and protect her head from the imagined boxes of thousands of mail being emptied on it!

Arrgh! I’ve got mail and I am swimming in it!


12 thoughts on “Spiking Blood Pressure!

  1. I get upwards of 300 a day. I tell the neighbours I have a door that needs oiling or stuff my mouth with tissues.I usually don’t want breakfast after that though.
    Spread them out in chunks throughout the day to try and get on top of them or go through them first to see what can be discarded..
    xxx Good luck and Huge Hugs xxx


  2. I get a ton of email. A lot of it is spam, but most is WordPress, LinkedIn, beBee, Twitter, Bloglovin, etc. I keep it fairly organized but at times it is overwhelming. 🌻


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