An honest job…Everyday Beautiful People # 11

‘The honest work of yesterday has lost its social status, its social esteem’  Peter Drucker


Though he’s employed to clean, I think it’s rude for people to finish eating at a fast-food public area, get up and go their merry way, while leaving their litter behind. Meanwhile, the trash can is just behind them :/

I don’t think that it will take a minute to put these things away and to teach children to clear up after themselves. I can understand getting up and leaving used plates behind in a proper dining, fine restaurant since a waiter/waitress attends to guests and will possibly earn a tip.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

11 thoughts on “An honest job…Everyday Beautiful People # 11

  1. You are correct. It shows disrespect. But the cleaning man would not have a job if everyone cleared up. I assume his wages are financed out of the money the eaters pay whether it’s fine dining or not. So my view is I thank the cleaning people, the toilet cleaners and road sweepers because I was once one myself and they do a really worthwhile job.

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  2. I totally agree with you on this. I see so many people just leaving things behind, letting wrappers or cups fall to the floor and then leaving them there. If I am by myself (which isn’t often in a food place), it is difficult for me to manage the tray, my cane, purse, and maybe a drink cup I am not finished with and/or packages. So, I have learned to order the food to go so they put it in a bag. That way it is easier for me to put all the garbage back in the bag and take it to the trash box.


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