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Lost In Thought…Friday Fiction In Five Sentences.

Ted was bored, angry and tired. He hated his job, the drudgery and his boss.

Every morning, he would get all dressed up, knotted in stitches by the strictures of his tie, suit and briefcase, yet he trudged along, a pack of analgesic and pepto-bismol tucked away in his bag. He would have gone through a bit of them before the day was over.

He knew that he couldn’t continue like this in such a dull job. He had told himself this for the past ten years, yet he was too lethargic and scared to sit up and do something.

Lost in thoughts over his quandary, his movements were spare and automated as he walked down his usual route to catch the bus.

He stepped into the pedestrian crossing, just a few seconds too early. He had failed to see the flashing change of the lights and the truck that trundled down at high speed.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Image credit: Pixabay


21 thoughts on “Lost In Thought…Friday Fiction In Five Sentences.

  1. Poor guy! Hopefully, he survives and heeds this wake up call. Reminds of the old adage about God gets our attention first with a whisper then with a rock.
    Great story, Jacqueline!


  2. He never took that rap in life to do what he needed to thrive and use his talents. Now he!s gone. Very tragic but your message shines through clearly.


  3. Poor Ted, woke up late
    He forgot to eat his toasted bread
    Now he is hungry
    If he becomes late to office
    His boss will be angry
    and the story was finished by Jacqueline of all trades😊


  4. Sadly, this is the reality of many people. Living life daily simply by going through the motions mindlessly. It feels like a waste of one’s existence to be caught up in a job that one doesn’t even like.

    Funny how we spend a significant percentage of our lives at the office, one should be happy at it.

    Well, for survival the need for finance comes before the pursuit of happiness.

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