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Today’s featured blogs are:

Summer as a migrant farmer In Karuna’s words  ‘There were times during my college years that I picked fruit as a way of making some money. I remember picking blueberries in Seattle and apples in Yakima. I also remember sleeping under a bridge when I picked in Yakima. I enjoyed doing the outside, physical work.’

Imagine working your way through U.S. as a part-time farmer. Lot’s of memories in here.

Following Seas is a happy blog by dear Luanne where she shares a host of things. Do take a peek in and say hello.

When nature resumes her loveliness JoHanna shares some happiness and nature’s loveliness with us 🙂

Friendships A tribe untangled offers words that make you pause and think. Be still and listen to peace.

Interrogation I am truly wondering why Sarn is so stubborn. Many people would crack under interrogation.

Please visit their blogs and say hello. A few minutes may gain you a friendly support.

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