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Nerves of Steel…


Our nerves are stretched and frayed
And yes, we champ at our bits by it all
At the spate of hateful and violent attacks
Rocking the World to minutes of silence
…and viral hashtags

How can we condone this?
How can we continue like this?
What kind of horrible lives these people must live.
To harbour souls so embittered?
…and nerves made of steel.

Complete sensitivity is lost to other peoples’ lives
There are hardly words to explain such horror
And the damage that hate can do
As yet again, we are shocked from lulled senses
…and all I ask is when? When will it come to an end?

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Nerves The Daily Post


28 thoughts on “Nerves of Steel…

  1. It is so senseless. Why does it keep occurring? I feel the same way you do, Jacqueline. Yesterday someone wrote in the comments, “I wouldn’t change my child for the world, but I would love to change the world for my child.” That says a lot!

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  2. there will never be peace. I don’t think it is possible for peace to exist without war. How would we know what peace is if we hadn’t already experienced an episode of war? That is about as philosophical as I can get this evening. But yes, I can’t even imagine what a peaceful world would look like , sound like and indeed fee like.

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