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With LOVE…


An Orchid from me to you

A little token of thanks

To all my supportive friends.

You made my party a blast.

You are folks that I refer to as fine gentry

and fabulous crowd.

Thank you.





56 thoughts on “With LOVE…

  1. Jacqueline! I got all caught up with real life farewell parties and didn’t manage to make it along this time. So sorry! Your parties are always so much fun! I am sure this one was a huge sucess, I hope I can make it to the next one!

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  2. Thanks hun, you make a great hostess and we are all only greatest when we unite together…is that not true!!! Wow, you broke records for my blog and that is awesome. Well, your party goers via you rocked my stats! Plus, I was turned on to a bunch of new people that I am sure I will connect with. Yes, what a party. Every month you going to host one??? Hope so let us make this party world famous!!!

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      1. I wish. Hit 36 degrees today. Weather forecast says we will have till Friday. I just don’t leave the office till late…and get there early enough.:-)


  3. It was wonderful! Thank you Jacqueline for being such a lively host! Oh,and do I still hear the jazzy saxophone in my mind? Oh yes, now every time I visit cookinpot, the music starts playing somewhere in my mind ! ^_^

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  4. Jackie, thank you for inviting all of us for this year’s pre- Easter brunch.
    I just managed to check one of the links out but didn’t get to comment or interact, I am sorry. I will do so without delay.

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