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His Big Screen…personal


I chuckle as I write this. I can’t think of anything else when the word screen shows up as today’s prompt.

Why would the word screen rouse a chuckle out of me?

Well it reminded me of my short, sizzling courtship with my husband nearly sixteen years ago and when we first met.

I remember the first thought that I had when I looked at his glasses.

They were as big as a Boeing 727 jet with wide screen and behind the wide screen were very beautiful eyes.

I wondered why he was wearing contact lens and wearing such big screen in the name of glasses at the same time.

It turned out that they are not contact, but my husband has hazel eyes.

For a fully black man, that is not common. It was mostly albinos that I knew that had light eyes in Africa, but as time went on, I got to learn of Africans with blue eyes.

I think it was those lovely hazel eyes of his that got me and yes, for the love of me, he got rid of the Boeing 727 and we settled for a lovely pair of Tom Ford frames.

The Daily Post promptΒ Screen.


45 thoughts on “His Big Screen…personal

  1. You couldn’t say no when he shined those eyes on you, could you? Lucky man with a windscreen for glasses. They were in vogue then. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ❀

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  2. Hi Jackie,

    Love nwantintin! He charmed you with his eyes.

    @ “as big as a Boeing 727 jet” XD

    I remember those massive frames of those past years, they’ve graduated into stylish frames.

    This was lovely to read.

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