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His Big Screen…personal


I chuckle as I write this. I can’t think of anything else when the word screen shows up as today’s prompt.

Why would the word screen rouse a chuckle out of me?

Well it reminded me of my short, sizzling courtship with my husband nearly sixteen years ago and when we first met.

I remember the first thought that I had when I looked at his glasses.

They were as big as a Boeing 727 jet with wide screen and behind the wide screen were very beautiful eyes.

I wondered why he was wearing contact lens and wearing such big screen in the name of glasses at the same time.

It turned out that they are not contact, but my husband has hazel eyes.

For a fully black man, that is not common. It was mostly albinos that I knew that had light eyes in Africa, but as time went on, I got to learn of Africans with blue eyes.

I think it was those lovely hazel eyes of his that got me and yes, for the love of me, he got rid of the Boeing 727 and we settled for a lovely pair of Tom Ford frames.

The Daily Post prompt Screen.

Home At Last….Short story and final part of hustle.


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After hours of journey on bumpy, dusty roads, arriving his village was euphoric for Ikem.

Mama did a little praise dance when she saw him, and did some more praise-singing, showering him with edifying names when he brought out the things that he came back with.

Friends and cousins equally returned, it would be a good time.

He went greeting kith and kin, strategically launching his new clothes and holding his phone conspicuously for all to see. It’s show time for everyone and he has no intention of being the poorest looking cousin.

Christmas Eve’s night service was a hit as usual. A gathering of old, new, returnees and home bound indigenes. It is doubtful that half of the people at the church service came for the prayers.

Sweethearts fell back in the dark shadows of twilight to hold hands and whisper sweet nothings.

Young rascally boys scared the maidens by tossing penny banger’s in their direction, their squeals of fright an entertainment for them.

It’s a dreamy time of the year, lavishly spent relaxing, binge eating, showing off, going to look at and running from the masquerades, attending a lot of social events….

Eligible young men returned seeking handpicked brides from their villages.

Marriageable girls strut their stuff at Obodo Ukwu, Obodo Ububo and everywhere the opportunity rose, to attract proposals from the city boys.

Hi-Life music blares into the air till the wee hours of the night. Nuptial introductions and lots of traditional marriages are constantly taking place in one clan or the other.

Mama wants to know when Ikem would choose a wife. In fact, her heart and eyes were set on one of Ifemeka’s daughters Kanyinulia. 

From Mama’s assessment, the girl is quite sturdy, with nice child-bearing hips, very industrious and pretty too! She makes her thoughts known to Ikem.

”Nna, have you seen Ozo Ifemeka’s daughter Kanyinulia?” ”That girl will make a good wife for you.” ”It is my thought that we should express our interest in her to her family.” ”Her mother is a good friend too you know..”

”Ha! Mama, please not now.” ”Maybe in a few years time.” ”Let me get to Onitsha first and see how things go over there.”

”Hei! My son, if we waste time, another family can pick her out for their son o.” ”That girl is a good catch.”

”Mama, let us pray that things go well, then next year, okay?”

He is happy he visited home. His cousin has agreed to accommodate him at Onitsha while he seeks his future.

He joins his age-grade in their outing masquerade dance.

His satisfaction is soul deep. He knows that his future holds brighter times ahead.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Links to earlier parts of the series are at the top of the page.

Quick Glossary:

Banger: small cheap fireworks that make a lot of noise.

Ifemeka: Igbo name which means ‘things have happened.’

Kanyinulia: An Igbo name for a girl which means ‘let us be happy.’

Nna: An Igbo word for ‘father’. Mothers at times fondly call their sons by such pet name.

Obodo Ukwu: ‘The big square’ A social gathering ground where people go to be seen, to see and mingle.

Obodo Ububo: ‘The sweet/fun square’ A social gathering ground where people go to be seen, to see and mingle.

Onitsha: A city with one of the largest commercial markets in West Africa. It is situated on the river port on the eastern bank of the Niger river in Anambra State, southeastern Nigeria.

Ozo: A highly respected title to a worthy male indigene of a village. Not a cheap process.

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That’s it from me folks. Have a blissful weekend. Thank you very much and God bless.

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