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These Musical Chords That Tug My Heartstrings…


La Duchesse seems to know all the good buttons to press to get my heart overflowing with good memories.

I grew up on the staple of a plethora of music from a father who adored music.

Our mornings started with music for as long as my dad was alive. Played on the Grundig turntable and then on to Bangs & Olufsen sound system.

I suspected my dad wanted to be a musical maestro and he had a gentle deep baritone.

I love music and barely discriminate except when they are offensive and filled with cuss words.

I love the oldies and the trending ones as well. Most days, I join my children in singing the new songs, especially as we drive around town and I teach them some old ones. We love turning on the radio and just having a go at it.

However, deep in my heart there are those beats that are ‘my forever’ rousing strings of chords. I shall choose 10 out of the string beats of my memories and 6 from recent ones.

They are those beats that I grew up listening to over and over as I grew up in my parents home. Their sounds always transports me right back to the butter yellow house with the red roof.  The house of my childhood.

  1. We thank thee from Jim Reeves 
  2. The Archies. Sugar, sugar 
  3. Handel’s Messiah 
  4. Kenny Roger’s Through the years 
  5. Miriam Makeba 
  6. Nat King Cole 
  7. Bob Marley 
  8. Michael Jackson 
  9. Dolly Parton 
  10. The Beatles 

I rock these ones below with my children:

  1. Dido – Life for rent 
  2. Adele – Hello 
  3. Nico Vinz – I am wrong 
  4. Afrojack – Ten feet tall 
  5. Dimtri Vegas & Like Mike – Take me to a higher place 
  6. Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk 

36 thoughts on “These Musical Chords That Tug My Heartstrings…

  1. Music is an interesting thing… it can be soothing, or it can cause distress. I’ve found it to be a strong trigger for memories just as you point out… both good and bad. I am really working hard to introduce my daughter to different types of music as she is pretty narrowly focused (being a teenager) on your typical teenage fare. For instance, I shared some Lindsay Sterling with her, and suddenly the violin was “cool”! It was a great experience 🙂

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    1. I honestly don’t know myself at times. Sometimes it’s like a have a little imp pushing me along. However, I spend a day or two, *especially weekends in the mornings when my life is not too hectic* churning out the drafts of the things in my head and leaving them in my draft box, that way each day, I just tweak it and push it out.

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  2. Love the diversity! I am grateful that my parents exposed me to various genres of music. Today, my kids constantly tease me about the preset dials in my car, a station for every mood (classical, jazz, pop, gospel, hip hop, rock)!

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  3. Well I knew most of the first group but being out from the bustling world I know 2 of the youngster group ha! Be back for a listen. Tapping this reply really I knew my answers sound funny 🙂 Ear kept me from music long time 😦

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  4. Wow, I could just listen to this as a playlist–great choices! It made me smile to see I’m not the only one with Kenny Rogers on her list! 🙂 Music really does punctuate the most significant moments of life, as your intro to this list suggests so well.

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