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Blogging to Nature #3…

Except your blog is a hot house plant,

That needs to be kept indoors

Pampered and molly-coddled

Then you can remain hidden in the dark

However, if you want to be a hardy planted blog

You need to get out into the sunny side

Of meeting others

So that you don’t

Suffer stunted growth.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

*******An opportunity presents itself through this party link. It’s hopping in here.
Jump right into the fray. You are welcome.


10 thoughts on “Blogging to Nature #3…

      1. I would Jackie- as to my posting- I seem to be on a holiday because there is so much going on in my “real” life that I really want to write about but which might become too much of airing my personal life in public, so I am inhibited for want of good topics to write about. Confusing, isn’t it ?
        Hot in Dubai yet, Jackie ?

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      2. I understand what you mean. Sometimes you can talk about what’s happening in your life without giving away too much, but I know that talking brings a lot of relief. Still cool right now. The heat starts around April

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    1. Hello Bun dear, happy valentine. Forgive my tardy behaviour for not having stopped by. I have been so caught up being a DJ at my blog party. In case you want to peek in, the link starts with Yes! Party Link Live…its popping mad in there. Be careful though, Cupid seems to be very busy and some ladies are dancing on the tables…

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