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High Streaking STATS…


Well, WordPress dear, you always take the words out of my mouth by asking a question sometimes, when I am thinking of it.

I have looked at the my stats and I am still trying to understand the correlation of the views to the posts that got the highest number of views and the thing is that the articles all differ but my stats have been popping like popcorn for going on two weeks.

I think it is owed to the fact that I turned up the heat of my blogging a notch higher and putting in a little extra work so it’s showing on the stats.

Like is said, the stats don’t tell a lie and I won’t either.

As at January ending my streak was ranging between 300 and 400 views a day, but since the past 10 days, it’s scaled up.

My highest view was 723 views and the post that got the most views on that day was ‘Echoes Of My Neighbourhood.’ Yayy!! My new challenge is topping the charts πŸ™‚

The second highest was 644 views and it was from my homepage/archives, followed by ‘I hacked it off.’ I had no idea people would be interested in my chopping off my hair. Hmm!

The stats for 622 views had the post of ‘what a gracious host’ coming tops and it was just a thank you note.

I honestly haven’t been able to figure out how these posts relate. I have been running the ‘It’s a love thing post’ for several days and my thought was that it would generate far more views, surprisingly, I see that it has not.

The stats 546 and 505 both have my archives as the top pages/posts and I would love to know what the readers a looking at. Unfortunately, clicking on it does not provide a breakdown of what they are reading.

If anyone can make sense of these things that I just said and my stats, I would be glad to listen and learn. Let’s wait and see if it’s a fluke.

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53 thoughts on “High Streaking STATS…

  1. You have said it, CristianMihai said it too, and I can relate to all that. There are times when you work so hard and then you feel there is going to be a bang and poof! No much Views to show for all that hard work and vice versa.

    It’s a reader-writer community. What may not catch your eye as a writer can and does speak volumes to a reader. Don’t bother your pretty head over such things. Just keep being the awesome person you are.


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  2. You can accidently add yourself as a View if you look at your site, like click from facebook or something and you are not signed in on wordpress, (heh heh i did that the other day from twitter checking my Link)……..but I think some times it is just more people click and some just read and keep going (i dont click everything i actually read on the Reader, oops did i just say that out loud πŸ˜‰

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  3. p.s. also when i am away from desktop for awhile, sometimes i go through archives to ‘catchup’ with ta bloggers wrtiting that i missed, just my 2.5c worth here You rock anyways so rock on J!

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  4. Whoa! Consider yourself blessed because you have fantastic daily stats. Mine suck and my best stat was over 5,000 one day–and it was about” Shit Old Ladies Do” my second best was about the disgusting Duggar family. Honestly, I cannot look at my stats because they depress me and make me not want to write! Keep going sweetie. You have great stats! XOXOXO

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  5. Yeah. I think maybe the reason those posts are getting so many views is because of their natures. Something I noticed on my blog is that my posts that had to do with community got a TON of more views that my average post. Also, the posts where I talk about something super personal or something extremely short get lots of views. Don’t understand it either.
    Maybe you just happened to post those posts around the time of day where traffic is heaviest. Who knows? Either way, it’s not really all that important. You’ve got a great blog and that’s what matters. Besides, Stats can be fickle if you look at them long enough… I don’t necessarily agree that they tell the whole truth… Not from my experience.
    Thanks for sharing though! πŸ™‚

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    1. I have given up trying to understand, stare or study stats. That’s a waste of good time and unnecessary headache. Like you said, the old-fashioned thing of creating a good content and networking still works far better than driving oneself crazy looking for the perfect moment to post.

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