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Fortune Unfounded…


The call for prayers blared through the loud speakers, the pull of the voice sounds compelling, but prayers are the furthest thing on Aashish’s mind.

He feels sad. He has no money to apply for residence visa for his wife and two daughters to join him and the much that he earns is barely enough to tide him over, after he had sent some home.

It’s Sunita’s birthday today, he thought that by now they would have been with him.

His children are growing up without him and yet the fortune that he sought, leaving them behind eluded him.

He pulls out the crumpled, almost faded picture of his family. It was taken years back in one of the quick snap booths, on one of their rare visits to town. It has been five long years, since he last set eyes on them. He has failed them and his shoulders slump further.

Sometimes his spirits are buoyed with stories of people winning lotteries and he struggled to buy a ticket, but it was always someone else who won.

He felt he was better off back home on his farm in Nepal and doing odd jobs to augment their meagre income.

At least he will get to be with his family again and he will be happier again and Anu will understand, he hopes.

Being away from his wife has been the hardest part. The fees for entertaining himself with one of the willing ladies was just too much luxury for him.

With a sigh of pent up emotions, he fished out his rubber-bound telephone from his pocket and dialed his brother’s number.

Hello Aadit, tell Anu that I am coming home, he said.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

From my neighbours yards, I harvested these thoughts and would like to share them with you.

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32 thoughts on “Fortune Unfounded…

  1. The story touched me because some family members are typically mentally ailing to appreciate their families and desire to be with them. This man recognizes the value of being with the ones he loves. I carry my love ones deep in my soul until God unites us. Thanks sis,xo blessings

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  2. Sometimes the families of the workers want them to continue to work in the rich states so they can continue living in comparative luxury ( as against those whose families were not lucky to send someone to work there).
    In the old times, people used to travel by dhow boats to cities, purportedly having gold paved streets. Many lost their lives on this long and perilous journey- those that survived found that their life was not much different from the life they left behind. The only thing was that being apart from their loved ones, made them immune to their daily sufferings because they were going through so much more pain here ( in the cities of gold). As they say, El Dorado is always elusive.

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  3. Beautiful story Jacqueline 🙂 I can definitely relate to the over-arching idea. Sometimes what you go after does not end up in your lap and the cons outweigh the pros. Beautiful things most certainly take time to come to us. Thank for sharing!

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