Not By Rote Please…

So many times, I have registered for an online program with a lot of enthusiasm, but halfway through it all, I just barely limp to finish or my interest wane’s completely and after settling down to analyse why my interest wavers, I got to realize way back before now, that for me to maintain an optimum balanced interest in a learning activity, it’s got to be interactive enough.

I like bashing ideas with other people, loosening the screws and bolts of a theory and piecing it back together, that way, years from when I learnt it, it stays with me.

I got to realize that though rote learning might work for a lot of people, to a large extent, I can do well by rote learning but I excel by interactive learning.

I would have returned to school long before now but due to family exigencies, I have been pushing it to the side. As a matter of fact, I registered for a Communication Arts program, but because it was online, I backed out and didn’t bother starting it off. I knew that within a few months, I would be bored to tears with it all.

Same issue cropped up with a program I enrolled for at the University of London, due to it’s online/distance learning nature, I had to be truthful to myself, knowing that I would probably start but not finish it and then waste money unnecessarily.

What works best for me really is reading on my own, then bringing a discussion group together and bouncing all the learning curves around.

I remember when I was taking my chartered exams and I knew Quantitative Techniques was not my fort, I hunkered down, learnt all the formulas, did loads of exercises on my own, then cemented my efforts by engaging my course mates in a discussion group. When the results came out, even I was surprised to have received a distinction for that course. Go figure. I probably wouldn’t have scored that high if not for the discussion groups.

That said, I am considering enrolling back in formal education in a year or two. I look forward to going to class, getting involved in adult education and maybe being the oldest Mama among the students, but that’s totally cool by me.

I am sure that it would be interesting because I will make it so.

Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

The Daily PostΒ Learning Style.

What’s your learning style? Do you prefer learning in a group and in an interactive setting? Or one-on-one? Do you retain information best through lectures, or visuals, or simply by reading books?

47 thoughts on “Not By Rote Please…

  1. Excellent. Even when I did blogging 101 and 201 I had the best time talking with others! My brother, who had to retire as an air traffic controller last year because it’s mandatory by 56, I think, took a year’s worth of classes learning autocad and had a blast. Never stop learning!

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  2. Learning for me has always been a solitary thing – reading registers in my brain – at college lectures I would switch off, nod off and even plod off as I would get distracted by what I was having for tea and such like – funny how we all learn differently 😊

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  4. For me, I can definitely work in a group but it depends on the type of work I’m doing. When I studied Information Technology I loved working in groups because the many solutions I and members of my group came up with were awesome to here when solving a problem.

    For something like Journalism, which is what I plan to study further, It’s often times worked best on your own or in a small group with like minded people. The whole idea behind any form of writing is to share with a mass your personal ideas and while you can be helped along the way, I feel it’s best done alone and at your own pace.

    It’s good you plan to ogo back to class, I’ll be doing the same as soon as I can find a program that offers what I’m looking for. I hope you update us on your adventure!

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  5. Yes you will make it so! You make prompt interesting .I considered trying prompts. School’s here if certain age Somme can go classes certain subject FREE. Probably we will πŸ™‚ after five plus yes college or so now see no need thank Internet!

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  6. “I’m sure that will be interesting because I will make it so.” Love that. Like me, if it gets too mundane, I outta here or stirring the pot! But for serious learning like college courses, I’m better on my own. I can just imagine what an eye-opener you will be to some bored college instructor who thinks he/she is in for just another routine year! Can’t imagine you agreeing with someone just for the sake of a grade!

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    • I really do stir the pot Oneta and I think I recognize you as a kindred spirit. I think my education matters to me enough that one narrow minded instructor would have to sit up and make it worthwhile for everyone concerned, including him/herself ;0))

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  7. Learning is always fun. It is about discipline for me, class setting provides more interactive advantage as opposed to online course where one studies alone (I suppose that is a lot different now). I have done both and realise with discipline, they both have their merits.

    Have fun selecting as there are many options to choose from now…

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  8. I am 46 and ever since I have been 40, I have been on a learning journey. Till my 20s and until I got married, I was not an enthusiastic learner but as I grow older and realise the importance of being well-read( read, educated), I have started doing so. In the country I live in, a Western degree is much appreciated than a degree from my native country. So that has been my constant endeavour but it is unaffordable for me. I am not entitled to scholarships too. I qualified for an MPH program at Johns Hopkins school of public health two years back but had to give it up, because of lack of money.
    Now I satisfy myself through online MOOC courses- they give me good learning opportunities, practice sessions and wonderful contacts. In the meanwhile I am saving up for that elusive Western degree- don’t be surprised if one of these days, you bump into me at Harvard or at Johns Hopkins or for that matter, even at Yale :).
    But now my problem is my husband- I will need to drag him along, till I complete the course.
    See we women have so many encumbrances and commitments but we ultimately win the day, don’t we Jackie.
    Three cheers for woman power !

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    • Susie, I am liking your comments over and over. I know what you are saying girl and believe me, I raise my hands in salute to all women who are able to still get up and go after their dreams despite all the hurdles placed in front of them. I know the countless amount of sacrifices and encumbrances that I have had to make and brace to find myself where I am today. Go girl. The sky is your limit and in my language, there is a saying that goes, ‘that when you agree, your God agrees with you.’
      Three cheers indeed for woman power.

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      • Jackie, women are the greatest- but we don’t often recognise it and when someone tells us different, we are such fools sometimes, we take them at their word.
        I really want to continue with my learning and prefer to be taught like in a didactic lecture class, before I venture once more into the world of medicine from where I have been in forced hibernation for over a decade. I don’t want to kill anybody, you know.:)

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      • πŸ™‚ You won’t kill no one! True talk Susie. I think we like to look for approval from our close/loved/ or perceived loved ones and sometimes what we get is the wrong end of the stick. I always tell any woman who receives negative feedback to toss it out of the window and then go ahead to prove the naysayer wrong.

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      • Oh thank you, Jackie. I needed to hear that. When I qualified for the MPH course in JHSPH, one of my previous classmates for my MD course, told my husband who was in two minds about sending me to the US alone to complete the course, that ” if Susie thinks she will get a job in the reputed American Medical College here, she needs to think again because she is not going to get a job there with her passport- apparently, to him, I am not the right nationality to be getting a job there.” I thought that was a very cruel way of telling someone indirectly that – you are an idiot and your achievement is not too great.
        It takes all kinds to make the world.

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      • Oh MY Word! What a piece of rotten soul. What’s his business if you get a job or not? That was simply jealousy speaking out loud. That is not a friend and if I have a say, no further discussions about your future plans with such a dunderhead.

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  9. I’m definitely a hands on person. I need to do it myself in person and it’s further reinforced when I do it among others. I can learn via other ways but nothing is as effective as doing it yourself step-by-step.

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