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May I Share With You?…



May I live
Unafraid to breathe
Free from a choke-hold
That becomes a stronghold
May I live
Unafraid to live
Clinging to my expectations
With feral desperation


May I share space
Unafraid of being encased
Free from condemnation of race
That becomes a strong base
Purple, White, Olive, Black and every hue within
May I share space
Knowing that we are first a human race
…And all blood are red in this place.


May I speak of belief
Unafraid and in relief
Free from contentious eyes of disbelief
That becomes thresholds of grief
May I wear my mask of belief
Understanding that to achieve
Peace would be a welcome reprieve
…Which we must seek to retrieve.


May I love you
Unafraid to be bound to you
Free from censors of broken whispers
That becomes harbingers of cold shivers
May I love freely my love
Unafraid to expose my naked bust
Knowing that in you lies my trust
Encased in the warm embrace of your love.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Writing 101, Day 5 Freedom


41 thoughts on “May I Share With You?…

  1. The flow is fantastic. Would you mind if I shared this with my son so he can put a beat to it. (He is in the music industry) This is a fantastic rap! When it’s done I can email you the finished product to listen to. He would not sell it or use it without your permission though so don’t worry about that possibility.

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    1. Thank you very much Gradmama. I feel very pleased. I am a bit surprised that the RE-BLOG button is missing, ‘cos it was there earlier and another friend wanted to re-blog which she did. I am sure it’s a WordPress issue ‘cos I haven’t tinkered with my settings at all. Let’s hope it comes right back and Yes you may Re-blog my lady. My warm regards.


I love it when you decorate my heart with your words..

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