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Puhleez! Just Stop!….

It is hard for me to desist from ranting about this dark sexual communication nonsense, because I have never felt that unnecessary railing over social issues resolves the problems, but consistent positive acts are the only way our society can change for the better.Pornography

No, I am not a hater and I am not discriminating! I also appreciate the good side of sex very much, but that is hardly the topic of my vexation.

It is not a religious rant! Being a christian does not make me any better than anyone else out there, neither does it place me in a position to judge anyone.

I am just a community minded human, who sees the wicked seeds planted carelessly out there with disregard to its consequences and they are disguised under the ambiguous blanket of freedom of expression.

I have plenty of my own planks that needs to be removed from my eyes each day, but one thing that I will not fail to try is to respect others, their sensibilities and propagate as much positivity as I can.

In the bid to be politically correct these days, truth is shunned and lies encroach like a wily burglar that calls when the owner is not around.

Stop hiding under the voluminous cloak of seeking sexual equality rights to propagate your filthy degrading acts.

These prolific dark pornographic communication targeted at young children are no different from those of men who use the cloak of religion to perpetrate heinous acts!

Excessive propagation of insane, extreme sexual proclivities in the name of campaign for sexual equality, is very much part of today’s problem.

Do these adults who spend time in selling these items for material gains, infiltrating the entire web with filth that should be kept in their dark minds and rooms where it belongs realize the wicked seeds of indiscreet promiscuity, sexual degradation and laxity that they sow into the lives of the upcoming generation?

Nowadays, such materials are available at the click of a finger which is such a crying shame.

Young impressionable children are targeted and fed with pornographic nonsense which takes root in their minds and breeds so much more negative repercussions than you care to think of and most of these young ones have these gadgets at their disposal.

We all wish for a better World and it starts from each and every one of us.

If you think that your acts don’t count, please think again!

Do show some care for the future generation.

Life does not end withΒ  perverted selfishness.

An intelligent person can make their arguments known without the graphic bestial nonsense that is put out there.

I was thoroughly shocked this morning as I went through my reader and opened a seemingly innocent blog only to have my eyes pop with the graphic pornographic video content of this blog.

Nowhere did it indicate adult above 18 content.

I am not preaching to anyone to change their lifestyle.

Far from it! Someone’s lifestyle is their prerogative.

Just Act Responsibly! Or is the mental decency acuity dead as well?

This is simply irresponsible of this blogger and wrong on so many levels.

Pornography gives birth to hydra-headed monsters. You may like to read this article.

You know yourself and I am chewing your ears.

It might not mean anything to you, but know this and know it well, PROVIDENCE never forgets.

Have we become such a selfish generation filled with entitlement and gratification that we have become so desensitized while we are busy selling ourselves the mantra that it’s only our happiness that matters?

I rest my case.

Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


52 thoughts on “Puhleez! Just Stop!….

  1. So. I think there is pornography and then there is pornography. And there is a place for the ‘good pornography’. NOT, I repeat not, for the degrading, depraved, humiliating, awful, shocking stuff that we are exposed to. And I think what is important, because like you opened your computer this morning, EVERYONE sees this stuff. It is all over. So we need to teach our kids,although I think they mostly know, what is and isn’t okay. I remember having the conversation with my sons about stuff that gets sent to them on their phones (yes, it happens) or goes around a classroom, and to know when to say NO, when to report it, and all that stuff. Otherwise, for the lovely porn, there is a place.

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  2. I totally agree with you Jacqueline ! When I was a health visitor I often warned the school boys about this when I gathered them in small groups from about 12 -13 years old boys. The subject had come up by it self as someone had brought it up to the surface. I don’t know what parents do today to prevent their children for finding it on the web

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  3. Uh oh. I agree with you. At 23, believe it or not, I haven’t watched any sex video or anything porn. But that is not something I can be proud of. Because now, you look hypocrite when you say you don’t watch or haven’t watched any porn ever. Tsk. Tsk.Tsk.

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  4. I totally agreed! It has gotten to the point where Facebook is becoming more and more problematic for me that I rarely visit. People had gotten to the point where they are posting sexually explicit videos there. I’m not sure how long this been going on and why Facebook isn’t doing much to stop this. It’s sickening.

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    1. My dear the one on Facebook has truly gone beyond comprehension and why they let it propagate and infiltrate is what I don’t understand and the tiring part is that you have young children using these platforms. Maybe it is time we really started speaking out about these things. If they barred perpetrators from using their platform to propagate such nonsense maybe there will be improvement.

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      1. I feel like we all do need to start discussing these serious matters. I’m hoping perhaps a petition can come around for everyone to sign to put a stop to this madness. But, that’s too much like right.

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      1. That’s a good question. I would visit the main WP page and look their options. I know there is a help page where you can pose questions. Also I know Anand (Vibrant) is in Blogging 101, perhaps he could ask Michelle?

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      2. I think that depends on how well you know/like this blogger. Personally, if I thought that I had offended someone with one of my posts, I’d feel terrible and take it down right away. But not everyone is like that.

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      3. You might just simply tell them that you know this sort of content is not appropriate for WordPress. They can find that out for themselves if they look. If they don’t take it down after that, then you might want to report it. This site is open to people of all ages. A young person could easily come across it!

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  5. I would hate to see censorship become the name of the game. (I realize I’m going to be in the minority here.) Now I’m not talking selling smack on wordpress here… but I do write erotic shorts and novellas and novels too… and they are not ‘porn’ (at least I wouldn’t classify them as porn myself). I think instead it would be better if sites like wordpress allowed you to set your audience to an age bracket limit (actually I’m pretty sure it did when I signed up and I hit “over 21” — also I think parents need to be responsible for monitoring their children’s computers and accounts. There are plenty of computer nanny software available for keeping kids off those sites. That said I agree that ALL illegal porn acts should be absolutely banned off any site anywhere (you know the things I’m talking about). But to say that porn should be gone? Let’s get rid of nudes out of museums while we are at it too… because you know… a kid might ask what David’s got between his legs and then well… facepalm. Some parent might have to explain the birds and the bees. Just saying.

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    1. My dear, there is a huge difference between writing erotica which will require a reader to delve into the written material to fish out the erotic part of it, but what I saw was a blatant in your face pornographic video (not even still picture) of sexual orgy. It is absolutely improper and belongs elsewhere. Most parents would take the responsibility of educating their children responsibly, then again, responsible adults should equally act responsibly. Sexual orgies, bestiality etc are not portrayed in the museums!

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  6. It’s always existed but nowadays it’s far to easy to access and very harmful. There’s s limit to what parents can do as well πŸ™ very worrying as things become normalised, like violence in films etc

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    1. Sis, no doubts it has always been there, but the issue at hand is the ease of access. Sincerely speaking, I opened my computer as usual this morning and sometimes my kids hang around me even when I am working so I opened this blog to read the, lo and behold. Thankfully my young ones were not at home.


  7. I hate the sexual exploitation of any human. I detest it. I loathe it. And I believe many of the divorces we see today are a result of how easy a fantasy can become a reality with one click of a darn button.
    During the war in Iraq I visited some poor areas and there I witnessed pimps for little girls AND boys who were merely 7 or 8 years old. It broke my heart to know that in some places this is the norm. A very very sick phenomena!!!!

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  8. So we were at one of my kids parent,teacher meeting at school and part of what goes on there is a short lecture/seminar for parents on some serious issues. This last time the talk was about sexual abuse of children. After the nice enlightening lecture on how to better protect our kids a shot video was shown. What came on was a house maid or so sexually abusing a little girl in a quite corner of a street. Unknown to her someone captured it on tape. It was a short video but it left me sick, hours after we left the meeting i just had this sick feeling in my stomach and my brain kept re-playing the video in my mind. I felt like throwing up and i just kept wondering how to best protect my kids from such. My point is, porn is a really disturbing matter to me. I know some people say there is good porn for there is no such thing as “good porn”. That short video reminded me of the many porn I had access to when I was a child and i can not begin to talk about the battles i had to fight in order to rid my mind of the effect. I believe sex is sacred and beautiful but in my opinion pornography paints an out of control picture and arouses a sexual craving that is insatiable. And many happy relationships have lost their sweetness to this.

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    1. Bisi, I could kiss your cheeks over the internet because of your comments. My dear sister, I don’t even know which angle to begin from. Before I got married, I was in a relationship with a guy who was a porn-addict and I couldn’t take the nonsense so we broke up. It did not come as a surprise when I later learnt he was divorced and I could put two and two together. He had some crazy ideas. I really wish that we could be truthful to ourselves and curb this cancerous growth from spreading. We owe it to our children if not ourselves.


  9. So I’m nominating you for the Blogger Pulitzer Award for this post. (Don’t worry, I just made that up…no need to nominate 10 other people. :D) If only we could go back to the days where sex wasn’t so in your face and everywhere for ALL to see. *sigh* No need for me to divulge further, you’ve summed it up nicely!

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  10. It is worrying really. What I have seen is government bodies especially in the west educating parents on parental lock to filter unwanted sites from wifi but it is sad that Nigeria is lacking behind on this as kids are exposed to all sorts of pop adds on their smart phones…Great post!

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    1. Thanks my dear for this input. It is wrong for it to be so public in the first place that we now have to look for lock and key to control these things. Besides, today’s kids are getting far too smart to even know how to manipulate these gadgets far more than you and I.

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