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This Manner of Madness…

HumanityNo I am not a masochist. I don’t derive gratification from self inflicted pain, it is simply the desire to watch what goes on in an ever changing World of today, hence my torturing myself with today’s news.

Today is 81115 and my eyes are pulled to the television. I gravitate to the headline news, since I don’t have all the time to sit before the TV for endless hours, I pick and choose my moments.

Watching the memorial service for the 224 unfortunate lost souls on Metro-jet from Sharm el sheikh to Russia has been a sobering and solemn experience.

I don’t know anybody among them and I don’t have to know anyone of them to imagine the pain of the families affected.

These were ordinary humans like you and I, blown to smithereens. Little children, wives, husbands, sons, daughters, relatives, friends, sweethearts, colleagues…..HUMANS!

I watched the stricken faces of the Russian citizens, the bell tolled 224 times for these possible victims of a dastardly act of fanaticism.

Terrorists have staked claim of responsibility for planting the bomb that blew the plane apart.

Who can explain this despicable beast of destruction that has given rise to so much inhumanity?

Who can explain why the heart of some humans are desperately wicked?

Who can explain the senseless violence and killing which seems to dot every perimeter of today’s horizon.

Who can explain the raging wars that tears Nations apart, decimating and displacing its citizenry?

Who can explain these virulent dogmas of hatred sown in the name of convoluted religions?

Is there an answer anyone?


If it is true that it was an undetected bomb, then this is the new ugly face of travel, which would really be a dilemma and game changer.

“The days are indeed numbered.” ”Each day a precious taste of sweet nectar.”

Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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37 thoughts on “This Manner of Madness…

  1. Very true….only God has the answers to the “why”. I am sure He is saddened at our world even now…..the time is near….the time is coming….God is watching πŸ™‚

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  2. Man has made war with man (and by man I mean humankind) since before we first stood on our hind legs and walked about. It is in our nature to make war on each other. Only the weapons have changed. It really is as simple as that.

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  3. We have planes disappearing and/or crashing at an alarming rate. The hurt and dust has not settled from one disaster and another comes up. I do not know how the love ones are dealing with all this. Just horrible.

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  4. I think anytime we let our guards down against terrorist that is when they strike again. I do see the point about the plane on the tarmac for a good while in the dark could have given anyone time to plant a bomb on the plane. My thoughts and prayers are with all those families who lost their loved ones.

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  5. In these last days in which we live, we must follow the unction’s of the Holy Spirit in every aspect of our decision making, especially traveling. I follow the peace. If I don’t have a peace about something, I don’t do it.

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  6. The news is depressing. We came back from a vacation out of the country to the airport where CNN was projected nonstop on the airport TVs. It was particularly jarring after having been away from it, yet they are only reporting what’s happening. We have such little recourse when hearing of atrocities such as the ones that are taking place. Raising our voice in protest against inhumanity is one thing we can do. Thanks for raising your voice.

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  7. Is there a non-convoluted religion, I wonder. Because if there was one, we would not need the preachers. That they abound, explains why religion is never understood correctly, and why it spawns misunderstandings and fanaticism. I feel terrible about the lives lost because of this divide – and the fact that they happen for a reason that’s inexplicable.

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    1. Hmm! True statement and insight. Hardly any non-convoluted religion with preachers who twist convoluted dogmas into whatever suits them and causing more confusion to the state of the confused followers. The thing is that at the end of the day we all will depart to the great beyond and leave the Earth with nothing. Why all the fuss really?

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      1. To prove that one religion is greater than the other, without understanding any of them because they are convoluted and cannot be understood. I’ve tried discussing it and given up – my IQ is quite low, you see. Religious dogma must up one’s IQ, because mine cannot follow the reasoning of the religious elite of any religion for that matter.


      2. I like a religion that invites me to be as a little child. I leave it to the Father knowing that I couldn’t understand even i I were told. My husband has medical books around here. If I try I can decode the words but they mean nothing to me. If I have a hurt, I ask him. He can tell me if I need to go to the experts or sometimes he just puts on a bandaid and says Don’t worry. I trust him and the doctors. I’m extremely glad I don’t have to understand in order to receive the benefits. I guess that is receiving grace through faith. Maybe that’s enough. It certainly does not, however answer our questions about how mean humankind can be. Fortunately we have some extremely nice people also, my friends Jacque and Vibrant for example. My peace I give to you…


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