Life’s Challenges…

The struggle is part of the story

Most challenges that surface in our lives actually have the power to bring us to our knees, when we give in to the fear that we cannot withstand it!

We tend to panic when we experience unanticipated turbulence in our lives, forgetting all the tenets that we know and we allow fear to throw us off balance!

It is always a battle field of the mind!

What I have learnt and know for sure, is that tremors will always come; that is a fact of life!

HOWEVER, you must ALWAYS adjust your stance and find a new center of gravity!

These could mean new attitude, new friends, new job, new home, new relationship, new everything!

CONCENTRATE on staying in the present and living through the turbulence, moment by moment!

It is the attempt to lump it all together that makes it more overwhelming!

Make diligent attempts to step up to higher grounds in the moment and REMEMBER to breathe easy as you forge on to the next moment.


Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Trust the Lord

37 thoughts on “Life’s Challenges…

  1. True, times of crisis is actually a time to launch out to higher levels but do not try to abort the processes, see it through and allow God do His work in you. So that at the end you come out conforming more to the image of His Son which is our ultimate destination

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