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Steer it up….A compilation of prompts.

sea, waves, boat

Meandering through our days in pursuit of success
with ‘our hope’ the rudder that steers us along

Suddenly a rogue wave rocks our boat
and we lose our balance momentarily

We wonder if we should simply give in,
if we can ever set our rowing right

The fact is that with uncompromising faith in our focus
we can steer over, under and around the waves of life

although our movement may be staggered and messy
and success may look dim in our sight, it waits at the shore.


My target was to come up with a poem using 7 days prompt words from Daily post. I almost abandoned ship, but glad I stuck to it and only 30 minutes later, I like the message that I derived from the compilation.


Hidden Self…


As the days go by
and I unearth old hidden secrets
I discover good qualities right beside them

the fear most have is that when we let
those hidden things out of the box
others will judge us harshly

thus, we carry these heavy things
not knowing when to let go
and to set ourselves free

the thing is this,
even if you never have secrets to hide
people will still find reasons to judge you

and their opinion shouldn’t be your business
so, be your authentic self
live your life without hiding from yourself



Daily Post – Hidden

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Stuck on Needle…

Image result for images of a druggie


His life has become a disaster waiting to happen,

yet he just couldn’t stop himself,

he was not in a good place.

He hated the choices that he had made

getting hooked was far easier than getting off

the results have only been disastrous.