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To liberate oneself, the need to search out and study all the dark corners of one’s mind and come to terms with what you find is paramount. The question should always be, ‘do I know who I am?’

Without acceptance, one lives in a continued state of denial.

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Never say that someone held you back from becoming who you want to be. They can only try to hinder your steps ‘cos the only person you become is the person that you choose to be.

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Midnight Motivation and Musings # 75…


Who are you?

This singular question is one that throws a lot of people off balance and they begin to grapple for adequate answers.

Who are you is not necessarily synonymous with ‘what do you do?’

You could do many different things career-wise over  your lifetime, yet remain who you are if those things don’t have any profound effect in changing your intrinsic characteristics.

Are you able to denude yourself by peeling away all the onion layers to find the truth of the being hidden inside?

Our passion can help us uncover who we are as it leads us on the journey of self-discovery, however, our passion can also serve as a mask for not looking deep enough to gain a better understanding of who we are.

It’s only when you know yourself, that you begin to know your purpose.

Keep pondering over this question as often as possible in the solitude of your heart until who you are, crystallizes before your eyes.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Midnight Motivations and Musings # 53


A quick question, have you ever taken time to ask yourself how much you’ve been robbed over the years, by the act of trying to fit in, trying to please and trying to be who you are not?

This isn’t a sustainable characteristic. It’s very exhausting and self-annihilating.

You can only be the best when you are yourself because being the second best you is not who you are.

A certified true copy can never be the original.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Midnight Motivations and Musings # 11..


I deliberately did not use the word ‘Suicide,’ just in case you are wondering. I chose murder, for those who take steps to snuff out the essence of who they are in an attempt to replace themselves with who they are not.

It’s a shame to see people suffering setbacks and deep insecure troubled lives due to lack of sense of self and identity crisis and it seems this situation is getting worse in recent times.

They have lost all sense of belonging and have forgotten that they are not mistakes, but are unique, wonderfully made individuals with purpose and a lot to offer.

Some spend their entire lives apologizing for being themselves, the colour of their skin, their background, physique, financial state, religious inclination, gender or physical disabilities and a whole lot of unmentioned issues.

Due to these things, they feel pressured to please and change and fit in until they are totally confused, depressed, oppressed and demoralized.

You owe no one apologies for who you are.

You must own who you are and cease trying to be every woman or man, thus developing confused multiple personality syndrome and having deeper issues.

It’s okay not to be liked by everybody, but the most important person that should like you is you!

You are a hero within yourself and all you need is to surround yourself with the people who love and accept you as you are, and rise to the person that you are meant to be.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha