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12 Ways To Take Better Care of Yourself

Do you ever forget to take care of yourself? We are all so busy rushing from A to B that sometimes finding the time to take proper care of ourselves can seem impossible. Being so focussed on the big goals can mean that we often forget to take care of the little things. We need to make sure that we are looking after our physical, mental and health wellbeing. If we don’t take time to care for ourselves we can end up exhausted and running on empty. Taking better care of ourselves today, will help us in the long run. Here are 12 ways you can help yourself.

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  • Take time to enjoy the beauty in the everyday. Get outside and marvel at how amazing nature is, watch the sunset with a loved one or go for a long walk on the beach.


  • Prioritize your health needs. Make sure you get regular dental treatments and that you go to the doctors for health check-ups. Regular trips to the doctors and dentist should mean that any problems are found before they start.


  • Join a dancing class. Going dancing will not only improve your physical health but it will also make you feel great.


  • Eat your greens. Make sure that you are giving your body the best possible start by eating fruit and vegetables on a daily basis. If you aren’t keen on your fruit and vegetables then try it in a smoothie instead.


  • Declutter your house. Living in mess can make us feel stressed. Taking time to declutter the house can be very therapeutic and living in a nice, tidy house can help us feel calm. Marie Kondo has lots of useful tips on decluttering and organizing the house.


  • Pay it forward. Donate anything you don’t need to the thrift store. You are helping others and this is great for your self-esteem!


  • Read a novel. Taking some time to read a novel can help focus the mind and reading is also really good for your mental health. Look on Amazon for their top sellers.


  • Get an early night. Sleep deprivation can cause serious health problems. It can also make us feel sad and we can find that we start craving junk food. Getting an early night will help us feel great and make us happy. Don’t stay up late watching Netflix, get that early night!


  • Unplug and get out. Shut the laptop, put your mobile phone down and get outside. A digital detox is good for all of us and can help us recharge so that we are more productive when it comes to working again.

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  • Cuddle a loved one. We all love a good cuddle. Giving a loved one a good squeeze can help reduce stress and even make us feel happy.


By making some small changes we can really make a massive difference to our health and mental wellbeing. It is really important that we stop juggling those balls and show ourselves just how important we are. What small change can you make to your life?

Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Accumulated Points…Streams of consciousness Saturday.

I love accumulating points or funds in the kitty and watch it amount to something that’s useful later. I also have favourite things such as books that I tend to hold on to but over the past few years, due to our moves from Continent to Continent, I have learnt to minimise my pile by giving them out and the thing is that once I’ve given something away, I don’t miss it. socsbadge2016-17

A number of times, I have been privileged to use the points accumulated from my travel miles to purchase a treat for myself from the flight’s tempting catalogue without paying a dime extra and the feeling from such freebie is totally awesome 🙂

As a thrifty spender, I keep my eye’s peeled for great bargains on food stuff because a penny kept, is a penny saved and the accumulation of those pennies come in handy. On Friday I used the 50 Dirhams (14 dollars) bonus credit that I accumulated from previous purchases to buy 2 dozen oranges, some strawberries, mangoes and grapes; the fruits tasted extra good 😉

Naturally, it’s a challenge to accumulate anything because it takes time and patience to build up anything and this equally applies to the finer points of human relationships such as trust.

The only thing I don’t fancy accumulating is stress, anger and lest I forget ‘weight.’ 😉 I’d rather address an issue that’s getting on my nerves and move on rather than to keep ignoring it until it gets too much and all that accumulated emotion comes bursting out one fine day.

Such an approach of storing up negative emotions tends to lead to overreactions and it takes just mere minutes to tear down that which has been built over time.

Accumulation – SoCS

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