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Purpose Driven Project – Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Project dreams of your life as vividly as you can into your mind like a 9D cinema that they are imprinted into every fiber of your being. Let every waking moment find you rising up with a purpose that even the failures in your path serve as projectiles that fuels and fires you up to keep going after your dreams.

Experience keeps teaching me that our lives are not projects full of checklists but an experience with lots of vicissitudes yet when we come to this humble understanding that how our life pretty much turns out is dependent on how we transform these sometimes daunting circumstances that life tosses our way and indeed that sometimes we have to aim at living a Purpose Driven Life by applying rules of project management to achieve the success we seek for.

Our approach also involves a clear avoidance of projecting our failures on someone else and using them as a lame excuse to justify our shortcomings. Doing so is simply giving up ownership and responsibility of our lives to someone else.

Would you feel safe transferring a sensitive project that its result determines and defines your success into the hands of someone else?

Your life is your project so, what’s your answer?

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Project – SoCS

P.S. My consciousness has been constantly focused on following my dreams maybe because I keep reminding myself that time is too short to waste it and interestingly one good thing that I find about SoCS is that the prompt we receive each weekend from Linda has a way of tuning into my present thoughts. You are invited to join the fun.

Let’s Not Throw Stones – Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Glass houses shatter and everyone inside gets cut with the jagged shards.

Today’s prompt ‘glass,’ for SoCS made me think of the saying about people who live in glass houses, yet they are busy casting aspersions and throwing stones at those who live in brick houses or even no houses at all.

It made me think of my so-called classy, fine folks. Evangelicals who look into their looking glasses like the wicked stepmother and adjudge themselves as the very best of humankind, meanwhile the milk of compassion and empathy runs dry in their veins.

They hide their hypocrisy, prejudice and multitude of sins under falsehood, spouting off biblical quotes twisted to suit their purpose and case in time.

They spend valuable time picking specks from their neighbours’ eye’s yet huge logs of sin occupies their souls and front yard.

These modern days Evangelicals remind me of the Pharisees – the ruling class – who crucified Jesus. They hated Jesus not because He called them names, or called out their hypocrisy, but because He threatened their security, their prestige and their income. He was going to ruin everything they had worked so hard for and would get everybody killed.

Doesn’t it sound a bit familiar? Today, we have brokered uneven peace around the World. I wonder how long our glass houses can hold up?

I am a Christain and my believe is that the practice of my faith is not a Religion. It’s in the way that I would treat my fellow man.

I want to be able to look into my looking glass and see beyond the mirrored image before my eyes’. I want to see a clear image of who I am, when no one is watching, inside my closet.

The true reflection of a man is not that image that’s mirrored before his own eye’s, but the reflection of his soul. This is the reflection that I want to see through the glass.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

SoCS – Glass

Few of my favourite things – Streams of Consciousness Saturday

I love pretty things. They are delightful to look at. I’ve always loved colour splashes and if truth be told, I have no favourite colour ‘cos I love them all.

There’s something pretty about each hue and my eclectic self can never seem to decide on a colour that’s the best colour.

I’m a sound of music kinda girl and at the same time a spirited ruff and tumble kind of person.

I no longer try to define myself because no definition does a pretty good job of summing me up. I confuse the heck out of my dear Himself at times 🙂

Pretty ribbons and sashes, pretty flowers, a pretty, frilly, girly frock are a few of my favourite things.

A pretty frock on a little girl or indeed a lady transforms her. I do own several pretty dresses though my jeans are my quick get-ups to wear when in a dash.

On Sundays, I enjoy dressing up for Church, in a pretty dress, my heels and sometimes a hat or scarf depending on my mood.

My walk simply changes and the swing in my hips decidedly pronounced, I guess it’s the combination of the heels and dress and my dear husband loves it too 😉

These days, I take my time to shop – except for groceries that are essential to survival. I choose carefully what I want to buy either for my home or to wear. It has to be pretty, aesthetically pleasing. Something that would make my heart smile.

There’s no point acquiring things just sporadically and for the fun of it. I try to surround myself with those pretty things that warm me up and enhance my sense of pleasure.

Life is pretty fast these days and the days are too short to waste on ugliness.

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


SoCS prompt – Pretty

Yesterday’s Dreams – Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Ghosts of
yesterday’s dreams
lie beaten
in the abyss
of unrequited desires
crushed and dejected
stretching bony limbs
that wraps
skeletal fingers around legs
dragging its’ bony frame along
slowing down
today’s dreams

Let us
bury yesterday
say our goodbye’s
with tears in our eyes
to dreams aborted
like unwanted fruits
embrace with a purpose
golden opportunities
of today dreams
that we may profit
from its’ fruits
lest they fall
like yesterday.

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt – YES

Personal Memories – Streams of Consciousness Saturday

Memories are powerful parts of who we are, where we are coming from and most times they inform how we venture further afield into life. Some memories fade with time, while some hold dark moments in our lives even when we try to suppress them.

Some memories burn vivid and bright in our minds and evoke a sublime state of happiness in our lives that we unwittingly wish to cling to such memories even when that time has long passed. These are the memories that I wish I could hold in the palm of my hands, but I store them in a better place – my heart.

A lot of times, I remember moments in time of my childhood when all I knew was the cocooning love of my parents and as an adult, I crawl back into my head into those moments that suffuse my entire being with softness and warmth.

Each day that passes by brings memories of my loved ones’ who have passed on to the other side to my mind. They are the one’s who shaped my life and molded my values as the human that I am today. My late dad and my beautiful, enigmatic grandmothers.

My dad is/was a man amongst men. A gentleman to the letter. A firm, fair-minded and peaceful fellow. He loved music. He was creative and diligent. He loved people. He worked hard. He was a good man, good father, and provider. He loved me.

Sometimes, memories of him bring bittersweet tears to my eyes’ that even after 3 years of his passing, I get a lump in my throat whenever my thoughts dwell on him. He was my anchor.

Memories of my grandmothers’ are filled with softness, with laughter, with tales of folklore, proverbs and life lessons. With pampering with one hand and a hard smack on the butt for misbehaving, with eating freshly prepared meals made on firewood and earthenware pots. They are filled with remembrance of massaging aching muscles with locally prepared shea butter and the heartfelt thank you that my gran would say. As I write this I can hear the echo of her voice in my head as she says ‘Nnedim, Ezigbo nwa.’

Now I have the great urge to eat from an earthenware pot, to sit on a three-legged stool in the small kitchen back in my village and to watch the pregnant nanny goat as she chewed a portion of yam peels with certainty.

Linda, thank you for taking me down memory lane with today’s prompt. As we remember the heroes in our lives, the heroes past, it comes to my mind to point out that heroes are not only those who fought armed battles but all those who make sacrifices every day to ensure that our future is better. Go and be someone’s hero today.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Quick glossary:

Nnedim – In Igbo language means ‘my husbands’ mother.’ My gran believed in reincarnation and that I’m her mother-in-law who she spoke of with such fondness and love.

Ezigbo Nwa – means ‘good child.’

out-of-the-silent-breath 2


Coined Words of A Writer – Streams of Consciousness Saturday.

‘When you give a beggar a coin, you buy him a meal for the day.’ I guess this saying would have been applicable in the past. Gone are the days when a coin could fetch you something worthwhile. Now a beggar needs as many coins as he can get to buy anything to eat.socsbadge2016-17

I remember my growing up days when my eyes grew round and shone like new coins or should I say kobo’s in expectation of earning a coin from running errands for a number of uncles and aunties who sent us down to the neighbourhood store to buy an item for them.

That coin represented a yummy goody-goody chewy chocolate stick or a handful of Chat bonbons.

Unfortunately, as I grow older the value in coins also drops with age – except if it’s a gold coin – but I still love the jingle of coins and I guess my love for them has translated into my growing coin collection from different parts of the World.

I don’t collect them with the expectations that they will suddenly grow in value overnight – though that’s a possibility, who knows? The value I receive is more of the emotional and intrinsic value that most keepsakes give us.

Something else that I love to collect are words, in the form of books or as my own thoughts and to think of it, if I am to receive a coin for all the words that I string together I would have a storehouse filled with bags of coins, coincidentally, as a writer our words which happen to be in abundance don’t fetch as much coin as we would like.

To be a writer is a painstaking work borne out of love for words and I guess I just have to settle with coining words that enrich my soul and possibly others’ as well. After all said and done, words are priceless and do carry a lot of weight.

I had no idea where I was going with the prompt word ‘Coin’ for SoCS, I just followed my rambling train of thought. Thank you, Linda 🙂

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

out-of-the-silent-breath 2

Let’s Throw Him Under The Bus!

There’s almost no week that passes without our eyes and ears exposed to horrific abuse of power by men in uniform. The repetitive killing going on in the US is really a huge cause for concern, that it makes me wonder when men who are meant to protect and serve have turned into outright judge, jury, and executioner. socsbadge2016-17

How people can watch another human murdered in cold blood and then find all manners of justification for it simply beats me. Extrajudicial killings are unethical and illegal!

America, we’ve got a problem and we can’t pretend that our house is not on fire while we are busy chasing bush rats. I’m almost afraid that the society has lost its head and is courting outright combustion if these things are not handled properly.

In my place, we say “that the bushfire that will ravage the town starts with a kindle of a single twig.” This bushfire is gathering momentum, to such an extent that it’s scary and a crime to be black in America. Why is it my business you might want to know? Well, it is my business because this is where I lived up until 2015 when we moved to the UAE and will go back when we are done here. It’s my business because I’m a member of the larger society and in a society when there’s a problem, we look for ways to fix it otherwise it becomes pervasive and that’s the point it has gotten to.

It’s a concern to hear people callously go on a smear campaign over the body of a soul that hasn’t even gone cold. They simply throw him or her under the bus because he or she doesn’t look like you. That’s not what humanity is all about. In no way do I condone crime but I will not condone injustice as well. If a man commits a crime, demobilize him and bring him to justice except if as an officer you are claiming that you can’t destabilize a man without shooting him dead, then you have no business in the uniform or possessing a firearm.

It’s my business because I’m a black woman with a husband and son’s and we are large framed in my house. My son who’s 14 is over 6ft 2 inches tall like his dad and he’s still growing. As a mother of black boys’ and a wife of a black man, I was terribly uncomfortable back in Houston anytime my husband was out of the house late in the evening. Until he got home, or until my boys were indoors from school it seemed as though I was holding my breath each day. I think I even over-parented them because I restricted them from running around unsupervised with other children in the area. I try hard not to make my life revolve around race, but there are societal pressures that force it in your face and no matter how egalitarian you try to be this is a reality. I’m angry, sad and worried. There has to be a better way to resolve conflicts.

Today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt word is ‘bus.‘ We should use it as it is or use words that contain bus in them.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

out-of-the-silent-breath 2

Cracking the Code – Streams of Consciousness Saturday.

Establishing anything worthwhile can sometimes be a painstaking and frustrating journey.

Having estimated that I would have my self-hosted second blog up and running – and possibly earning extra bucks by now, I still find myself tinkering and blistering the ears of endless widgets and my laptop late into the nights and waking up bleary eyed.socsbadge2016-17

Having a busy daily schedule trying to be an esteemed mother, wife, entrepreneur/worker, serial blogger, writer et al is a demanding routine, that to add the building of a new site on your own where you’ve got to fit in your plug-ins, write the shortcodes, figure out endless links and stuff is enough to deplete Estrogens and give one a sprout full of gray hairs, but the glaring truth is that since I want to eat omelets I’ve got to crack these eggs – no pun intended 😉

Anyhow, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel – it’s doable, so let me get on with my toolbox and cracking the codes 🙂

I wondered where I was going to fit in the prompt ‘est’ in today’s SoCS, but it seems that my struggle over the past few weeks has become useful in a funny way.

Have a great weekend.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Express on WordPress…Streams of consciousness Saturday.

Pressure cooker on the gas. I’m cooking up a storm this weekend. Both in my house and on my blog.

I’m doing my month end large pots of sauces and our traditional soups. It saves my life by several inches to do so.

There are days that get hectic that those earlier prepared and saved bowls of stew and soup saves this lady from expiring.

I’m also stirring some broth in my cooking pot of a blog right now. A lovely Summery blog mingle is bubbling as I write and you are hereby invited to join the mix.

What a lovely thing and way to express ourselves on WordPress. I’ve met lovely people from different locations, Malaysia, London, NY, South US, Nigeria….and the list keeps growing.

Isn’t that impressive that we have this opportunity? I don’t know what your opinions are but for me, it’s fabulous. Let’s keep the wonderful expressions flowing. You rock WordPress 🙂


P.S. You can join our Summer blog party taking place right now. It’s fun and you get to meet fantastic folks. Looking forward to seeing you.

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Out of the silent breath

Ah Ha! Now we are talking my language…Streams of consciousness Saturday.

Ha! When I saw Linda’s prompt for today’s streams of consciousness, I burst into laughter. I wondered how she picked such a random exclamation.

Most of you who  have read my blog would have seen this exclamation littering the horizon of my words from time to time like in these posts:I must have been born exclaimingNothing to be tricked about, Fruits of a hustleMama Put. I can assure you that there are several more 😉

I actually try to tame my usage of the ha’s and o’s on the tip of my tongue even though it does get the better of me sometimes.SoCS badge 2015

It’s the Nigerianness in me. Even if I live to be 120 years and maybe a resident in Nunavut, I am sure that ha, o  and hey, will feature in my writing as well as speech.

Back home, we exclaim a lot especially when we speak in pidgin language. Our sentences are emphasized with o, a, ha and hey! It’s literally impossible for us to do without our high-pitched punctuated exclamations. Haba! That simply takes away the flavour in the expression.

How can I tell you the depth of my askance or surprise if I don’t say ha? 😉

For instance, we use ha to express things such as:

Ha! Indeed, Really?

Ha! You don’t say.

Ha! Wonderful

Ha ba! What is it?

Now I am speaking pidgin in my head as I write and in conclusion, ‘make I finish quick, quick waka comot for hia. E get place wey I won go buy market – let me finish quickly and go out. I need to go shopping somewhere.’

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha