Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Let’s Not Throw Stones – Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Glass houses shatter and everyone inside gets cut with the jagged shards.

Today’s prompt ‘glass,’ for SoCS made me think of the saying about people who live in glass houses, yet they are busy casting aspersions and throwing stones at those who live in brick houses or even no houses at all.

It made me think of my so-called classy, fine folks. Evangelicals who look into their looking glasses like the wicked stepmother and adjudge themselves as the very best of humankind, meanwhile the milk of compassion and empathy runs dry in their veins.

They hide their hypocrisy, prejudice and multitude of sins under falsehood, spouting off biblical quotes twisted to suit their purpose and case in time.

They spend valuable time picking specks from their neighbours’ eye’s yet huge logs of sin occupies their souls and front yard.

These modern days Evangelicals remind me of the Pharisees – the ruling class – who crucified Jesus. They hated Jesus not because He called them names, or called out their hypocrisy, but because He threatened their security, their prestige and their income. He was going to ruin everything they had worked so hard for and would get everybody killed.

Doesn’t it sound a bit familiar? Today, we have brokered uneven peace around the World. I wonder how long our glass houses can hold up?

I am a Christain and my believe is that the practice of my faith is not a Religion. It’s in the way that I would treat my fellow man.

I want to be able to look into my looking glass and see beyond the mirrored image before my eyes’. I want to see a clear image of who I am, when no one is watching, inside my closet.

The true reflection of a man is not that image that’s mirrored before his own eye’s, but the reflection of his soul. This is the reflection that I want to see through the glass.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

SoCS – Glass

30 thoughts on “Let’s Not Throw Stones – Stream of Consciousness Saturday

  1. Great post, Jackie. I like your take on this prompt. “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”
    I am Christian too but none of the people I know is so familiar with the Bible that they use verses when they want to judge others- so that is good in a way.
    I would also like to use your post to analyze people’s reactions to the Presidential inauguration in the US yesterday. Food for thought there too.

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  2. Amen!! Very good analysis of today’s world. It is the Evangelicals who helped get that despot and tyrant Dhrump elected. There version of Christianity excludes anyone who is not a rich, wealthy white male. The Religious Right Wing will be the cause behind the fall and decline of the USA!!

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  3. Hypocrisy is America’s new theme. “I am a Christain and my believe is that the practice of my faith is not a Religion. It’s in the way that I would treat my fellow man”. Yes, this:)


  4. That’s exactly what I think, modern day pharisees!! The verse of the day at Bible gateway is apropos,Galatians 6:7-8 NIV. Also, I always think of the passage that speaks of those who in the end call Him “Lord, Lord” and His reply is to send them away because He does not know them.

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  5. I agree with the renegades of the world who speak the truth for those for whom the truth has not rung freely…those who are not the popular mainstream or the chic person of the month…these are the harsh spoken critics who often garner enemies that I love and yesterday they rocked my world. Food for thought. Thank you. And they managed to look good doing it despite the protesters, those calling themselves “open.” Yes, I throw my darts knowing not one of us is perfect but I admire those who do it their way and mean the best for us. And that means all of us and not just one designated group.

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  6. Very well-written. I think no matter anyone’s religion or lack of it, it’s how we LIVE with ourselves and others that shows who we really are.
    It is a shame so many people hide behind doctrine, judging without introspection.

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  7. THANK YOU for your words describe exactly what I am feeling, I too, am a Christian., I am Canadian. Namaste. We are one in spirit, mind & soul. Peace begins inside myself, my thoughts, my actions, affecting outwardly. . Answering to The Almighty Lord, We are from the same creator, whatever BELIEF one has. Religion is man made, review a page or two of the Old Testament, that way didn’t work out too well!! I am saddened, yet at the same time , I am in awe at Gods GREATNESS at WORK among US. Today. Bringing the WORLD all together as one Giant Family of BELIEVERS, one Community, to live in Peace & to love , respect and lift each other up with encouragement. If you are a Believer ,yet you do nothing to help your own Brother when he struggles & stumbles, then I will judge you worse than a non believer! Truth.

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  8. You my friend may be a visionary. But you don’t have to have ‘religion’ to be a good person. Just try and be the best you can be. My Dad said “we should all go to bed each night maybe not particularly proud but not ashamed of what could have been our last day on earth. So if we don’t throw anything at anything we won’t hurt or break or be ashamed of… anything. Another good response to the stream of consciousness Jaqueline. 😇

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