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Naked and Not Ashamed!…


Empty my thoughts,

that I may feel the wondrous touch of your love,

In deep recesses that no light has seen;

Expose my heart,

that I may understand your words,

through every conscious awakened pore of each moment;

Unveil my inner eyes,

that its lifted sheen may behold,

the brilliant raw beauty exposed in its true nakedness;

Unfold my wavelengths,

that my naked ears may become

attuned to the mysterious calls stirring from the deep;

Pour me out,

that my uncovered lips may enthrall

with language only made known through exquisite expressions;

Lay me bare,

that I may be denuded,

unmasked before your eyes,

naked, unafraid and not ashamed,

when you call me by name.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


Imperfect Parts Of A Perfect Whole…


Dare we take a peek? I shudder;
I shudder, should we dare seek to see;
Beneath our pantomime parades;
What turbulence lies under the facades;
Can the glare of the twisted mess found beneath;

Can the parts all broken, cracked, jumbled, mangled and messed up beyond measure;
Ever fit, not to cause so much displeasure?
Facades that shimmers and glimmers like timeless diamonds;
Yet within their confined cupboards they fight and grapple with their demons;

Painful warts underneath, score my soul like those of a soiled dove;
dirty, filthy, unbecoming, unwholesome tiny cracks everywhere;
The freckles of imperfection marks me brutally;
I am covered in sinful spots and dots;
A sore sight to the sinless eyes;

But who are these sinless eyes? Where are they be to be found? I ask;
Shall we dare to take a peek to see;
There are no sinless between you and I;
All broken bits of imperfections we are;
But yet he says;

Come! I beseech you;
Come to me with all your freckles and all your warts!
Come to me with all your spots and all your dots!
Disgraced, Broken, Discarded, Cracked, Twisted, Warped,Mangled,
Hopeless, Desperate, Ashamed, Naked;

However spotty it might be!
For my perfection makes your imperfection whole!
For I came to set the captives free!

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha