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Pots of Unrest…

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I am always puzzled
at how some folks
delight in stirring pots of unrest
in the lives of others,
yet, they want to go home
and expect to have peace in their lives. 

In my place, we say that
he who brings in an insect-infested log
has invited lizards for a feast.

The Western world
has benefitted immensely,
from destabilising and destroying Nations.
For Centuries they did and still do this,
but they complain about a handful of immigrants
fleeing the unrest caused by them.




In God You Trust…

In God We Trust, Political Poetry, Truth Keepers, Satire, Hypocrisy, Nations, Holy Bible, Guns, Irony

In God, you say you trust
as you quickly strap your guns,
the Bible in one holy hand
the smoking gun in the other

You are the truth keepers
with your mouthful of lies,
you pick verses that serve your purpose
your hypocrisy goes beyond the surface

The grandiose self-titled peacemaker
who steals and poisons others water,
you go where the land is rich
and live its people in misery

In God you say you trust
as you decimate nations of natives,
that God of yours is very testy
I doubt he’s the same as mine.