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No One Is Kicking This Bucket Yet!…

Thanks but no thanks WordPress. I still have a lot of life in me. I have no bucket list, thus no item 11 to talk about.1453562596664[1]

This is not something that I have gotten around to doing and doubt if I would do so, even though I know that it might seem the fashionable thing to do and what not, I have honestly never dwelt on it.

It’s not necessarily because I feel that I have all the time in the World because I don’t, but I am holding on to God’s promises of satisfying me with long life.

I am holding out for the blessings of seeing my children’s children and that my children will be like olive trees. As we know, olive trees are very long lived and bear bountiful fruits. I am holding on to this promise that I will not die before due season, but live to declare the good works of the Lord in the land of the living.

That said, I think that might be part of the reasoning behind my never having spent the time to make a long drawn bucket list. Where exactly on this list do I want to start from, because it would be a very long one.

Secondly, I am my own worst critic and tend to beat myself over the head when I set a long list of goals and fail to achieve them. It automatically sends negative signals of failing a promise to myself and I am seriously trying to get rid of those negative energies swirling around.

What I am trying to do is to look at the things that I aspire to achieve, break them down and focus on getting them done as much as possible without turning it into a do or die affair.

In some part of my mind, I feel as if a bucket list is self-limiting. What happens when I get to the end of that list?

Does it mean that I am ready to kick the bucket? No can do!

I think I shall pass on this assignment because, I truly believe that the journey of life should be savoured as much as possible, enjoying the joy that comes from the journey and not turn my life it into a big boring To-Do list.

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

The Daily Post Kick It.

What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?

At a point it was sinking sand…

mountain tops

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mountaintops and Valleys.”

Describe a time when you quickly switched from feeling at the top of the world to sinking all the way down (or vice versa). Did you learn anything about yourself in the process?

Despite conscious efforts not to be a depressing wet blanket, to maintain a sunny and optimistic outlook in life, there are times when life throws you sucker punches that leaves you gasping for breath and almost asphyxiated.  You are left grappling at anything that will keep you from sinking down the bog that is eager and willing to swallow you whole greedily.

I can think of personal events that hit me in the solar plexus and dragged me from high to rock bottom.

I hate to pull out the tissue box, but I have also learnt that talking about these things, helps to heal gaping wounds.

  • The loss of my preemie baby.
  • 2 consecutive miscarriages.
  • The loss of my dad.
  • A car accident that took the life of a young man. I was the driver!

Without expending a lot of adjectives and flowery prose, losing a baby or even a pregnancy plunges one from the delight of expectancy to nothing… to the pits of despair, hopelessness, anger, sadness, and a multitude of emotions that I can barely define. I leave the rest for you to imagine.

Hearing placating words during such occurrence was barely sufficient if not upsetting. I remember when I suddenly lost my 28 week old baby, and a friend said to me “don’t worry, another baby will come” all I asked was whether a child is a replaceable item like furniture?

My dad’s passing was not a sudden event. It was a painful, grueling battle with cancer and it was not the best of times. Watching the strong man whom I loved so much bowed down by a vicious ailment which left him the ‘sufferer’ and those around him stricken beyond words is not something that I would wish anyone.

We fought like Tigers, but we were left beaten, bruised, bloodied and we lost. Knowing that he was ill did not make the pain any less. My sole joy is that I can honestly testify that my late dad was a good, gentle and upright soul. I will always miss him.

Another event that struck like a bolt of lightning out of the blues was a car accident that I was involved in. You might want to read this A letter to the young man that died. That saying, that a split second can change everything about someone’s life remains true.

I did not come away from these experiences empty handed. I have learnt and still learning to live in the moment and appreciate it. That I can be strong when there is no other choice and not to take anyone or anything for granted.

My biggest lesson so far has been a spiritual journey in Trusting, Believing, and having Faith in God. He has been my source of strength, sanity and boundless peace during these stormy times.

If per chance sharing my experience (that it is possible for someone to rise from the shadowy doldrums to face the light) serves as a source of inspiration and hope for anyone, then something positive would have been achieved.

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

P.S. No more soppy prompts please. I am out of tissue box. Thank you 😉

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