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The Time To Write…

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It doesn’t take much to please me. I’m a cheap thrill kinda girl. One of the simple things I enjoy in life is to sit in a quiet corner of a library and indulge in a book or just to write to my heart’s content but lately, such indulgence has whittled down to such a minutiae degree due to life and its responsibilities getting in the way.

Nonetheless, I have to create the space to satisfy these cravings of mine and I must find the time to write even if I have to steal it from somewhere ‘cos I observed that any week I failed to visit the library at least once, a part of me knows abject discontent. It took me a while to recognize and understand this – during one of my self-help sessions.

For me, this simple act of finding time to write or to immerse myself in a book is a form of therapy on a different level and over the years, wherever I’ve lived, one of the first thing that I do without fail is to locate the bookstore, the nearest library and then the grocery stores.

So, as I sit in this library surrounded by books, the only sound I can hear is the squeaky wheels of the trolley as a librarian shelves the books, I feel a lift in my spirit and can almost feel the trickle of dopamine sending happiness signals into every part of me. My heart knows such contentment. I sip my chai latte and grasp the momentary pleasure with both hands of gratitude.

I’m currently reading Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks.

Get In The Nook!

A well-equipped quiet library fills my mind with such satisfaction. Looking at the books from row to row, one is always spoilt for choice.

There’s so much to read and not enough time to read them all.

Library, books, reading, knowledge, information

Library, books, reading, knowledge, information

Caught in the nook…Every day beautiful people # 15…

‘Whenever you read a good book , somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light. ‘ Vera Nazarian

lady in the library

#I love capturing such moments. Sublime 😊