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Get In The Nook!

A well-equipped quiet library fills my mind with such satisfaction. Looking at the books from row to row, one is always spoilt for choice.

There’s so much to read and not enough time to read them all.

Library, books, reading, knowledge, information

Library, books, reading, knowledge, information


13 thoughts on “Get In The Nook!

  1. All that information at your fingertips and the delivery system is not subject to technological obsolescence. We must resist converting everything to digital storage or we risk losing it forever.

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    1. I worry that relying on technological advances to archive information might come back to bite us. If you had the secret to eternal youth but it was recorded on an Edison Wax Cylinder, what would you do with it. However the books printed by Gutenberg 500 years ago can still be read.

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      1. Interesting point. Remember floppy discs? Prehistoric now and probably well nigh impossible to retrieve the data


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