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The Time To Write…

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It doesn’t take much to please me. I’m a cheap thrill kinda girl. One of the simple things I enjoy in life is to sit in a quiet corner of a library and indulge in a book or just to write to my heart’s content but lately, such indulgence has whittled down to such a minutiae degree due to life and its responsibilities getting in the way.

Nonetheless, I have to create the space to satisfy these cravings of mine and I must find the time to write even if I have to steal it from somewhere ‘cos I observed that any week I failed to visit the library at least once, a part of me knows abject discontent. It took me a while to recognize and understand this – during one of my self-help sessions.

For me, this simple act of finding time to write or to immerse myself in a book is a form of therapy on a different level and over the years, wherever I’ve lived, one of the first thing that I do without fail is to locate the bookstore, the nearest library and then the grocery stores.

So, as I sit in this library surrounded by books, the only sound I can hear is the squeaky wheels of the trolley as a librarian shelves the books, I feel a lift in my spirit and can almost feel the trickle of dopamine sending happiness signals into every part of me. My heart knows such contentment. I sip my chai latte and grasp the momentary pleasure with both hands of gratitude.

I’m currently reading Two by TwoΒ by Nicholas Sparks.


22 thoughts on “The Time To Write…

  1. This is great! I am right with you with the simple pleasure and you describe one of mine perfectly!
    Love Nicholas Sparks books. Two by Two took me a little longer to get into but then I was entranced.

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  2. Life gets in the way for sure. I am only awaking to the pleasure of reading the last 5 years. Finding time to balance it all carve out time to do something that makes you feel alive is hard. I think i might be getting a bit better at it, only when i stop being overwhelmed and just do it ..

    Lovely sweet post thats echoes in my heart too.

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    1. We would be such miserable people without books and our imaginations dampened. Thank God for books. Hmm, I love the idea of Goodreads reading challenge..not so sure I can fit that into my already so tight schedule but I will look into it. Enjoy a great day today πŸ™‚

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  3. It’s important that you take that special time for yourself. The relaxation combined with the inspiration will aid you in handling those “other” things on your to-do list.


  4. When I was younger one of my greatest joys was reading. I loved books. They were my friends because books took me places. I was such an avid reader that I majored in English Literature in College. I literally devoured books.
    Cut to the present.
    Now with my poor vision I rarely read books because I can’t.
    Whereas I used to live in the Public Library and will have time next year when I retire to do so it serves no point as I can’t make out the text.
    Sometimes I will read books on my Kindle but it’s no longer a pleasure as my eyes get tired easily and I have trouble tracking the words across the page.
    Little by little I’m getting into Audio Books but reading is now a lost pleasure.


    1. Oh dear! So sorry Deborah. I had no idea that you are struggling with your vision. I can recollect how stressed out my mother became when her vision deteriorated and she eventually had to get glasses. Thankfully there are now audiobooks though it still doesn’t fill the gap for someone who loved holding and devouring books.


      1. It is what it is. At first I was upset but I got over that because there’s nothing I can do about the situation.
        Aging changes everything and I can’t go back to my younger days. I’ve accepted not being able to do many things. That’s all part of getting older. I do the best I can on my own.


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