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What About You? Affirmation Challenge Day 11

My goals may look far-fetched, but every tiny step I take each day will surely get me there. 

Creating a long checklist of unattainable to-do’s is the quickest way to making sure that the do’s don’t get done. Better to have two do’s and to get them done. Jacqueline

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One of the golden rules of writing is the ‘mini-skirt rule.’ Using the mini-skirt rule can certainly make your prose sexier and vibrant; if you get my drift.

The rule indicates that you should ‘keep your prose long enough to cover everything, but short enough to keep it interesting for your readers.’

Don’t have your writing dressed up like a Victorian lady trussed up in a ball gown with girdles and multi-layered petticoats, topped off with a jacket and a bountiful hat of peacock feathers and flowers. Phew! That is literally exhausting to think of.

It’s a fine art to write in a strategic manner and to create a balance between keeping the bare necessities with some flesh to the bones and over spilling the prose with excesses.

For writers of fiction, don’t waste your words and bore your readers to such tears that your story or your book ends up in the dust gathering pile of books that went unread.

When it comes to length, follow this rule in keeping your story short and engrossing and work at making your book ‘unputdownable.’

‘Cut. Cut. Cut.’

  • Cut words, like those unnecessary adverbs.
  • Cut sentences
  • Cut pages
  • Cut paragraphs
  • Keep it short and simple

Things to consider when editing. READ More…

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Midnight Motivations and Musings # 66


Personally, I have sometimes found myself in a quandary as I am filled with an ambitious drive to achieve so much simultaneously and the lessons learnt by so doing, is that something always suffers for the other.

There’s no way to do so many things excellently well when the attention span has been spread so thin.

The need to accomplish often comes hand in hand with the feeling that one is a bit behind, thus the attempt to bundle up and get so much done becomes irresistible.

However, taming the desire to rev all engines and streamlining these projects yields a better result.

One feels less pressured and more productive when they set a deliverable timeline for each one and take it one after the other.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


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I Got It Done!…


I can be very fastidious about accomplishing things that I set out to do and when I don’t achieve them, it leaves me with a great sense of failing in the promises that I made for myself.

When I was single it was far easier to achieve certain goals, but with a family to take care of, the scales balance tilts a bit and it requires far more focus and stringent discipline to achieve new goals.

Some years back, I set a target to get back to my pre-birth size 10 from size 16 and I gave it my all, that within 6 months, I had achieved my target size, but I got pregnant again and piled the weight back on – though I lost the pregnancy and since then I haven’t put as much zeal as I did in getting my shape back.

Last year, January, starting a blog was one of the things I wanted to achieve. By the end of first quarter, I realized that I was behind and one fine morning, I woke up and just jumped in. I had grown tired of overthinking it. I decided to ride through the rough patches as I go and that is precisely what I am doing.

I also finished one of the books that I am working. I got it done by the skin of my teeth in December. I am just going to catch my breath, then get down to editing and see what the next step will be.

This year, like the year before last, I have chosen to view my goals as my life solutions instead of resolutions and you can find out why over here.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

The Daily Post Resolved.

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?

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We Are Frowning Goats!…

In my young mind, when my grandma used Igbo (African) proverbs like ”no matter how much a goat frowned its face, its owner still had to take it to the market to sell’‘ I literally thought she was talking about her goats. Lifting mountains

She used to raise some goats that were either sold or killed to celebrate special occasions, and I recall looking at the faces of the goats with curious eyes to determine how they frowned.

It took maturity for it to dawn on me that the proverb was meant to address issues that we were either dodging to do or were difficult to do, yet they needed to be done.

Maybe, I should liken myself to the frowning goat in the proverb above.

For the past few days including today; though today has been super-charged busy for me, I have found every busy reason to dodge sitting down and working on my book.

I know that I could find half an hour to squeeze in yet…

Well, I say to myself, the book will not write itself lady!

Get moving! No matter how many excuses made it still has to get done right?

Like my people would also say; ”if the child likes, he should play pranks all day, his portion to weed at the farm will still wait for him.”

I am sure there are other frowning billy and nanny goats as well as pranksters like my dear self, who are using all the bucking tactics available to skirt around the needful 😉 ‘fess up to your misdeeds and lets get it rolling.

Once again, izzyasabee thank you for the invitation to take part in the three quote challenge which I have concluded and will be moving on to the next round of invitation from Vincent Wambua.

I call on these gems of my blogging World to join the fun.

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