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All Time Favourites…

I must say that I felt initial dismay and a silent ‘oh no’ hummed in my head when I read that The Daily Post prompts for the weekly photo challenge is winding down. What a bummer! I feel like my favourite neighbour has just moved out of town, like my age-old, worn and comfy dressing gown has finally fallen apart at the seams.

The challenge is/was a powerhouse of creativity and inspiration and I remember many Saturdays when I would check out the prompt to ginger my creative juice. Anyway, change is a constant thing, otherwise, life will stagnate and become a monotonous bore. Who knows, maybe something equally as interesting will come up.

When I think of it, I realize that I have no favourites photos per se, but there were some prompts that I really enjoyed and got some messages whilst doing them especially the one below.

To the friendly editors of the weekly photo challenge, thank you for all your inspiration and support. You fostered a warm community, nurtured a whole lot of us and encouraged our growth. My warm appreciations and regards. See you around.


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Somehow the prompt ‘rise and set,’ made me dwell on bittersweet memories of my late dad. I even sang a song at the end. When The Sun Is Sinking Low: Rise and Set prompt


Writer's Quote Wednesday

Fare Thee Well – Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge.

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I don’t like saying goodbye
‘cos it sounds final and makes me sad.
I prefer to say fare thee well,
for it’s a prayer for better tidings,
bestowed to you.
It makes me feel less teary
and turning into a sniffy, watering pot,
knowing that you are safe and snuggly somewhere,
I’ll remember you with fond thoughts.


When I read Colleen’s post and prompt for  Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge, a little voice in my head shouted NOOOOO. Hold on. I don’t want to let go just yet. I love WQWWC and it’s grown on me.

Isn’t this how we feel about things we’ve grown used to and grown to love? We just don’t want it to end, we just don’t want it to change even when the new thing promises to be good and maybe better even?

Change we must for change is inevitable. To move up to higher grounds, we often have to let go of our inhibitions and climb up the ladder.

So, here’s my farewell to WQWWC and hello to Tuesday Tanka. It’s been a lovely ride. I might still indulge myself with some Wednesday quote now and again. I hate to fly solo, so join me if you wish to dive into quotes.

Thank you, to Colleen and Ronovan for being such gracious hosts.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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out-of-the-silent-breath 2

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So Long To Thee…


I never ever say goodbyes,
Except when you’ve made a real good buy,
For whenever I say goodbye,
It always makes me want to cry.

It takes on such a finite note,
To memories sweet with tender quotes,
It kinda sticks right in my throat,
Which makes me choke when you board the boat.

Now, I prefer to say farewell,
Which makes my heart to really swell,
With thoughts of sweet affection tell,
And hope that things will go so well.

So long, farewell to thee I say,
For all who journey with me this way.
May your dwelling be in safe grace,
Until our paths cross again in this space.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Writing 101, Day 10 FAREWELL

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Forever Rhyming….


Though we rhymed for a brief moment,
And too soon it’s time to part.
In these wonderful moments
I have met such lovely art.

Do fare well, as time passes by,
And the seasons roll on by,
For we’ll be forever rhyming,
Till we can’t rhyme no more!

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Writing 101, Day 10 – FAREWELL