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Better Out, Than In – Word Wednesday…

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Very few of our problems are solved alone. If you cannot share your deepest concerns with a trusted friend, seek counselling to help you shift the burden of thoughts that weigh you down.

Most times, all it takes for us to feel better and to get a grip of things is a pair of listening ears – and a stranger’s ears can be therapeutic.

Wisdom is to never be afraid to ask and seek for support.


8 thoughts on “Better Out, Than In – Word Wednesday…

  1. I talk to my cat Sylvester. Sharing my problems with People who I thought I could trust has blown up in my face one too many times. Wasn’t worth it. Just showed me what so called friends really thought of me. Now I keep silent confiding only to God and Sylvester. I Learned a valuable lesson about thinking that people you’ve known for years are your friends and they turn out to be your worst enemy. Never again. Sharing only made matters worse. Much worse. You tell folks then they berate and mock you every chance they get. I learned to keep my issues to myself.


  2. Yes, yes. I thank God for my sisters. Now that we are older we’ve learned to listen to one another and when we must we can politely agreed to disagree. But sometimes just having a Sister voice your thoughts back to you in her words makes things seem clearer, even if they’re not.


  3. I have found that problems shared with the right person can have a positive effect. I have been grateful to have had their help. I often ask the Divine to send me someone I can turn to in a situation and the right person has come along. With problems the Divine will get another who is better placed than you to deal with the issues. The outcome will be more satisfactory.


  4. It’s therapeutic to be able to share your deepest concerns and feeling. Writing can have the same healing effect. It’s getting it out that matters. That’s something I had to learn for my wife. Just listen and don’t try to solve her problem.


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