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Go and Take A Seat!…Tuesday Thoughts

Working can be a deceptive form of procrastination. Tidying, cleaning, answering emails, surfing the net, planning meetings, attending meetings, grocery shopping and every chore that you can think of.

Sometimes they appear far more appealing and easier than facing the task of sitting down and writing or tackling and tapping into our innate creativity.

Calm, Peace, Sitting still, creativity,

Our 24/7 constantly on the go culture of a hamster, literally makes it impossible for people to simply be and to just keep still. Take a good look around you. At every juncture, people are fiddling with their phones – even when they are driving, which I find alarming and sad.

Some believe they’ve acquired the superpowers of texting, driving, drinking coffee and chatting all at the same time. I’m actually doubtful if we are really more productive with this hyper trend.

This hyperactive culture creates the impression and belief that being busy with futile activities is better than doing nothing. It’s almost as if there no end to these so-called useful tasks.

Listen up. To make inroads into your work you just have to stop yourself and simply do nothing. Unfolded clothes for a couple of days never killed anyone.

Allow your thoughts to gather and settle. You might be on edge and find it difficult to sit still for a bit. Just be patient.

The ideas will steal in when you create some calm. The solutions, the writing lines will come to you. They are there waiting to be dug out, instead, each day’s mundane activities are piled on them and they get buried under the heap.

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10 thoughts on “Go and Take A Seat!…Tuesday Thoughts

  1. Hmmmn… There is one story that I have been meaning to finish and record. I must sit down, calm my mind and finish this work… I have to find a way to arrive there.


  2. Love this. Reminds me of the famous story about one of Ayn Rand’s friends, who cleaned everything topped to bottom, sorted all the paperwork – and still had to make sure her tennis shoes were crisp and white, all to avoid getting down to the really important work. Crazy. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you, Joe, for your comment. It made me smile as I could picture the entire scenario having done such things myself… run around doing everything else just to avoid doing the important thing that needed to be done.


  3. My pet peeve is the robot that answers phones when you call any store’s customer service, Like I have nothing better to do with my day but try to figure out which option describes my issue? As for my time spent recharging my personal batteries, I crochet and listen to soft music, while sometimes planning what I’ll do next. After I toss all electronic equipment out the window, that is. Picturing the stuff bouncing its way down the side of the building is so much fun! I write only when I feel like it. The fun part of being old is that I can now do what I want to do when I want to do it! No farm hands wanting to be fed, no hungry kids at home wanting food, clean clothes, NO MAN DEMANDING MY TIME! The bad part about the last is that I’m widowed, but we had a long time together and he passed in his sleep after a day on the farm. Just the way he would have chosen.
    Oops, sorry ’bout all this. It’s been a long day and snow is falling! Have a good night!


  4. I so agree and while I write about being calm, collecting your thoughts, sitting still etc etc, at times, specially these days for some strange unknown reason, the mind is just muddled up with so much to do and somewhere I find myself being a victim of this so time consuming media, msg, calls etc.

    Feels nice to read this and will religion soon to my normal self!!


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