Positive Affirmation Challenge

What About You? Affirmation Challenge Day 5

Today, I’m grateful for a fulfilling day. For each moment of making my self-talk positive. I will have a good nights sleep and my subconscious will be activated with audacious, wholesome dreams, flooded with thoughts and images of the certainty of my success. Jacqueline

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Excellent Quotes From Yesterday:

Mandibelle “The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion” — Paul Coelho-
I think this one is pretty straightforward. I’m not saying I’m always able to do it, or that everyone can be a positive example of action and change 24-7, but I think it’s a worthy goal. Even small actions change the world and those living in it, often in ways, we don’t ever realize.

Bernadette: Thinking of someone to love each day keeps your resentment away!” Richard Carlson

Oba: I am royalty, encapsulated in grace, endowed and empowered with positivity to nourish my space with Love-OBA

Oladewalaura: Learning is a gift even when pain is the teacher.
We all pass through pain before getting great success so it is not seen to be pain, it is believed to be the ability to attain greater height.

Winifred Mena-Ajakpovi: I am blessed beyond measure. I am made of more. Good things come to me

Jose Cosme: I have faith and confidence that I have everything I need to share my gifts and talents with the world.

Boma Anikwe: I’m me. I don’t live according to my dictates .i believe in divine orders, yet, audacious enough to make mistakes and learn from them because I am not my mistake. Everything in life happens in its set time. No need to rush into anything.
I only engage my time usefully yielding to the counsel of the Holy Spirit and acquiring new skills that will help me shine in my set time! I haven’t lost anything, no! I only gained experience. I have no regrets. That’s why I live and walk in dominion every day.

P.S. If you wish to join this positive affirmation challenge running for 90 days, please add your quote to the comments and each day, I’ll share everyone’s quote with their links.

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Go and Take A Seat!…Tuesday Thoughts

Working can be a deceptive form of procrastination. Tidying, cleaning, answering emails, surfing the net, planning meetings, attending meetings, grocery shopping and every chore that you can think of.

Sometimes they appear far more appealing and easier than facing the task of sitting down and writing or tackling and tapping into our innate creativity.

Calm, Peace, Sitting still, creativity,

Our 24/7 constantly on the go culture of a hamster, literally makes it impossible for people to simply be and to just keep still. Take a good look around you. At every juncture, people are fiddling with their phones – even when they are driving, which I find alarming and sad.

Some believe they’ve acquired the superpowers of texting, driving, drinking coffee and chatting all at the same time. I’m actually doubtful if we are really more productive with this hyper trend.

This hyperactive culture creates the impression and belief that being busy with futile activities is better than doing nothing. It’s almost as if there no end to these so-called useful tasks.

Listen up. To make inroads into your work you just have to stop yourself and simply do nothing. Unfolded clothes for a couple of days never killed anyone.

Allow your thoughts to gather and settle. You might be on edge and find it difficult to sit still for a bit. Just be patient.

The ideas will steal in when you create some calm. The solutions, the writing lines will come to you. They are there waiting to be dug out, instead, each day’s mundane activities are piled on them and they get buried under the heap.

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Podcasts – The Power of The Spoken Word

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Talking About Podcast

Podcasting is the next hot thing. Now and again a new medium catches on and you are left wondering what all the hype and buzz is about. I remember when I first heard the term ‘podcast,’ I was still trying to grasp the slippery ropes of blogging and I felt inundated with all the new geeky jargon out there, however, as I delved into knowing why this is becoming a popular media my interest latched on the idea of having free original content to listen to, that anyone who has something to say could create an engaging podcast, publish it to the world and find an audience. Read More