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Can You Contribute A Badge For Featured Posts?

I’ve been thinking of revamping this badge below for something fresh.

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Initially, I thought that I would produce the badge by myself, but an afterthought to throw it open to others came to me – after all, ‘featured posts’ is primarily to share and promote posts from other bloggers. It’s for all of you.

So, what do you think? Can you muster up something snazzy in the next one week?

All badge entries will be displayed and votes cast for the favourite. The selected badge will be used for featured posts series for the year and the contributors will receive credit with their sites URL link constantly attached to the badge.

Let’s have fun! Share so others can participate. Thank you.

Today’s featured blogs are:

People forget kindness is free

This is guaranteed to make you smile/chuckle and there are lots of nuggets of wisdom tucked in there as well. I like wisdom.

I just want to go home but I’m already home

Deep, short and reflective post. Where’s home to you?

Tuesday chatter

Believe me, you’ll enjoy these throwback facts and Eugenia’s wise and witty poems. Tune in for Tuesday chatter.

A lens of gratitude releases negativity

Lovely little post. Appreciating the little and even mundane things of life builds happiness within.

Novembers featured blogger – Jacqueline

Yes, it’s all about me. Shameless attention seeker 😉

Do step in, explore these blogs and show some love.

Do you want more eyes on your words?’

Well then, add your LINK TO THIS LOOP.

‘Remember, we create a cohesive community when we come together.


11 thoughts on “Can You Contribute A Badge For Featured Posts?

  1. Reblogged this on BrewNSpew and commented:
    Sharing from Jacqueline’s blog. Her request is that we spark our creative senses and come up with a badge for her featured posts. Note, Jacqui’s instructions. This will be fun and I hope she receives a lot of entries.


  2. Hi Jacqui, I hope all is well with you and yours and apologies for the long silence not getting back here sooner. I was wondering if you’re aiming to retain the current proverb in your revamped badge? I’m not guaranteeing that I’ll be able to enter but it is a thought-provoking challenge so you never know.

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    1. Hey girl, good to see you. I’m sorry I haven’t been to your place for a while as well. Life has overtaken me but all is well. I don’t mind something new altogether but around the same message of togetherness/unity. It doesn’t have to be complicated, something simple will suffice and I look forward to your entry 🙂

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      1. No need to apologise Jacqui, I’ve not been posting regularly and when I have, i can see looking back, how I’m definitely not quite myself in some of those posts and how they might read as ‘unstable’ but that’s cognitive deficiency and going with the flow, never-minding the embarassment factor until Iread back then shake free with more never-mind. I actually really like the ‘jingle’ you’ve got and finding or thinking up a new soundbite makes it an even tougher challenge. To be fair, although it caught my eye and keen to take part, I’m not sure I could come up with something within the timescale that fits with your blog’s visual identity… maybe I’ll make it simple on myself and split the challenge to (a) a new visual for the current jingle and (b) a potential new jingle if i were to find or think one – although again, I really like your current use of those words 🙂 lovely to get back here, I’ve sorely missed blogging community while out-of-the-loop and avoiding laptop use. Best wishes 🙂

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  3. Thank you so much for adding my link, you’re too kind, Jacqueline…I wish I’d found this sooner, I haven’t checked my comments as quickly as I should have and of course, WordPress isn’t sending so many of us notifications. I’m so sorry, but this was cool and I’ll try to keep a better lookout. Hope this week is treating you well. 🙂 Big hugs xoxo

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