Mundane Monday

Rocky Reflection – Mundane Monday

I’ve missed sharing mundane Monday photos and jumping back into it…with enough gusto I hope.

reflection, water, seaside

7 thoughts on “Rocky Reflection – Mundane Monday

  1. Today I’m reflecting on the Birth and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King. Even though 45 is slowly but surely dismantling Civil Rights in America as Dr. King said it’s up to us as Black people to protect and keep his dream alive.

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  2. After what 45 said about Haitian and African people I just became even more disgusted. However 45 is not making these statements in a vacuum. A good majority of Americans cosign to his nonsense. Congress and the Senate is going along for the ride.
    Already many non-white people are being deported.
    Eventually 45 will enact laws to get rid of Blacks and other people of color.
    He’s like a runaway freight train. More than likely he will be reelected in 2020.


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