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3 Reasons Bad Debt Will Always Let You Down

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In our materialistic society, it is ever more difficult to resist the lure of stuff. We want our houses to be beautiful and filled with beautiful things; we want to go on holidays so that we can upload snaps to Instagram and show off our worldliness; we want everything and we want it now.

Unfortunately, this attitude can lead to some serious money troubles. High-interest loans might sound tempting but they can saddle you with far more debt than you thought possible and truly ruin your lifestyle.

Bad debt will always let you down and you should break up with it sooner rather than later.

Interest Quickly Racks Up

Bad debt is usually high-interest with a long repayment schedule that threatens your ability to make ends meet each month. Essentially, it is a debt that the customer won’t be able to repay. These debts are often in the form of credit cards, personal loans or payday loans.

Unfortunately, all of these loan types are marketed to people like you who want a better lifestyle now and don’t want to have to wait. And once you are on their list, more loan companies will market to you and encourage you to take on more debt making the problem worse and worse as your interest costs get higher and higher.

You Feel Stressed all the Time

Money is fundamental to living and if you are constantly worrying about whether you will have enough to do a food shop or pay your bills, your stress is going to increase dramatically. This will also have a knock-on effect on the rest of your health making you feel unwell and more susceptible to infections.

Even when your debt has brought you lovely things, the real effect is that you will look at those things and worry more about them being taken away than enjoying having them. You will probably regret that you stretched your finances so far in the first place. No amount of stuff is ever worth risking your health for and if you are worried about your financial future, you need to deal with the problem as soon as possible.

A Debt-Free Life Feels Impossible

When you are spiralling into further and further debt, it might seem that living a debt-free life is now completely out of reach. Don’t give up. However bad your debt problem is, there are government credit card debt relief options that can help find the best way to manage your finances and reduce your debt to zero, essentially helping you to get a fresh start.

These options range from financial counselling to help you create more sustainable spending budgets to bankruptcy. Whatever you choose, always ask a financial advisor for help and look for companies accredited by either the NFCC or the FCAA to help you out.

Reaching your debt-free goal will take time and determination. It can take years of effort to get back to a debt-free lifestyle that is sustainable and stress-free. But it is well worth it.

Start today.


8 thoughts on “3 Reasons Bad Debt Will Always Let You Down

  1. This post touches on a topic that affects many people.
    I’ve been down that painful road. My debt came from illness, disease and medical bills. Finally in 2016 I filed for bankruptcy. Best decision I made in a long time. Freedom.
    Don’t be ashamed to declare bankruptcy.
    You can never work enough hours to pay off thousands of bills. Especially if you have a chronic disease or illness.


  2. Debt is very easy to get into and total hell to get out of when it’s bad enough. I’ve experienced it.

    Consumer debt can cripple a person’s life for a long time and unfortunately, most people living in civilized nations will die with debt.

    There is definitely an intentional reason for this on a macro level from the powers that be.

    Debt is modern day slavery.

    Where people are ignorant and stupid, there’s a lot of money to be made. Banks aren’t continuing to thrive and open new locations worldwide just by chance.

    Society and the Rat-Race cannot run on autopilot without a system in place.

    Mass consumer debt and financial illiteracy are big parts of the puzzle.


    1. Well-detailed comment. Debt is truly slavery especially when the indebtedness is for things that are only momentarily satisfying like consumer stuff. They don’t yield any dividends unlike buying a home, going to school to earn better etc. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience.

      Liked by 1 person

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