Mundane Monday

Rocky Reflection – Mundane Monday

I’ve missed sharing mundane Monday photos and jumping back into it…with enough gusto I hope.

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Rononvan's Weekly Haiku Challenge

Oceans Breeze…

Go lounge in a hammock,
listen to the sound of oceans breeze,
and water lapping the shore.

the sounds of the ocean
will surely send you to dreamy sleep
of seashores, shells, and adventures.



I love the prompt Ronovan gave for this week’s haiku challenge, ‘Ocean & Shore’ unfortunately, it’s unimaginably hot for such indulgence.

Short Stories


Emma’s relationship with water is best described as fearful fascination. It’s taken more than two decades to get her to accept to sit by the waters without having an anxiety attack.

The doctor feels that part of her therapy is to reconcile with what happened and Jack buttresses this opinion with frequent plans to visit the seaside and the suggestion that the children should learn how to swim well in water bigger than their bathtub.

Commonsense tells her that’s the right thing to do, but dread always sits in her stomach like a huge lump of rock.

She likes to watch the boats and the kids play happily in the sand. Occasionally she even dips her toes into the water.

If only she could get past the horror that tends to paralyze her mind – watching her twin sister Ella drown when they were seven years old is a memory that she doubts she would ever forget.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


In response to the FFAW photo prompt above. Thank you, Louise, for the photo and Priceless Joy for hosting this challenge.