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In A Nutshell…2

Your present circumstances don’t dictate your destination. They only serve as your departure point. Keep walking through them.


11 thoughts on “In A Nutshell…2

  1. I won’t say departure point; it is more like transit point. The choice of destination is always there. You have to pick your destination and proceed.

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  2. Very good, Jacque. I see “where I am” right now as both a transit and a departure point. I have free will to choose where I am going; I also have free will to change my “goal.” There are certain situations in which I cannot get out of “where I’m going” if I have turned the driver’s seat to someone else. That is speaking of earthly matters. Spiritually I like to keep Jesus in the driver’s seat so basically I can trust the driver to get me to my desired destination. Love you picture.


I love it when you decorate my heart with your words..

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