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Everyday Ways To Teach Your Kids To Be Responsible

If you don’t start teaching your children responsibility from a young age, when they grow up and get out into the real world, they’re going to struggle. Every parent knows that it’s important and there are all sorts of ways people try to teach them, like getting them to join a sports team or get a summer job. These are great, but if you want to encourage them to be responsible in all areas of their life, you need to be doing small things every day. Here are just some of the ways that you can teach your kids to be responsible every single day.

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Buy Them Nice Things

Before we get into how this teaches responsibility, remember not to go overboard and spoil your children because it will have the opposite effect. If you occasionally buy your children nice clothes from somewhere like Nicki’s fashion for children or buy them a new phone, it’s a good opportunity to teach them to value their possessions and not be careless with them. But this only works if you don’t do it too often. If you buy them something anytime they ask for it, they won’t bother looking after things because they know they can just get another one.

Send Them To The Shop

When I was younger, my parents would always send me around the corner to the shop if we needed milk. It was only a tiny thing but it felt like a big responsibility as a kid. I was eager to make sure that I didn’t make a mistake and so I acted responsibly. Sending them out to do small errands on their own is the perfect way to create a family that all works together to help out around the house. Just remember, wait until they’re old enough to be walking around on their own, and don’t start asking them to do the weekly shop for everybody.

Pay Them For Chores

Before they’re old enough to go out and get a proper job of their own, you can still teach them a good work ethic by paying them to do small chores around the house. Washing the car or raking the leaves in the garden are both good options. It teaches them the importance of working and you can start them off on managing a little of their own money. The key to making this effective is to only pay them for certain chores. They should still help around the house regardless, otherwise, they could get lazy.

Practice What You Preach

You can easily undo all of your good work if you don’t practice what you preach. If you’re constantly telling your kids to pick up after themselves yet they see you being messy, you’re sending mixed signals and they won’t listen to you. Always be aware of how you’re acting when they’re about and make sure you follow your own rules.

There’s no one way to teach your kids responsibility, you have to introduce it to every aspect of their life.  

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23 thoughts on “Everyday Ways To Teach Your Kids To Be Responsible

    1. I have been using this method and it works 🙂 They know that they must take care of what I spent good money on because there’s no guarantee that they will get another one tomorrow if they misuse that which they have 😉


  1. Yes doing small things make our children become responsible adults later on in life. I am learning to let them go around the corner to buy things in the neighborhood… Sometimes we worry about their safety especially in these times😀

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  2. Like eloquentparadise’s, my parents also did what you suggest, and I’m happy they did. I never became a parent, but must confess to being stunned at some things parents my age and younger did/do. For example, when I was a kid I was allowed to walk or ride my bike alone sort of far from my home to places like stores, but mothers in my area now won’t let their kids have that independence. They are so scared they even drive their stupid cars to the end of our short road to wait for them to get off the bus. Firstly, we live in an extremely safe area. Secondly, I believe it is no more dangerous now than it was in the 1970s, but parents have some notion that there is a child molester behind each door. Sure, teach your kids about safety, but don’t make them afraid of the world.

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    1. They are inadvertently hurting their children and creating such a warped viewpoint of life for them. That’s a disservice to these children! We can’t dispute the fact that there are some people with lose screws in their heads, however, they are in the minority and teaching our children safety measures is a key responsibility, not teaching them how to be afraid of life.

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      1. Go ahead and laugh, I used to watch my thirty – something son walking to and from the train depot. I wish I had a photo of the dog and I in the window, but I’ll never forget how excited she’d get when she’d spot him before I could see him. Happy holidays dear Jacqueline and family 🎄🎵⭐

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      1. I think it would more difficult raising children today than it was in the past. There’s is so much negativity and hate, and reading and seeing it on a daily basis doesn’t help.


  3. Life is crazy, life is mad…so children have to have responsibility for their life. That’s what my family taught me when I was a kid. Nice posting..

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