Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Convolution of Tribes…

People crave for a revolution
‘cos they’ve been let down by malevolence
and forsaken by the benevolence
of convoluted governance

The journey through a revolution
most times leaves a devolved nation
riddled with woes and horrifying history
yet evolution is a must, ‘cos life is forever in a flux.

So, we march onto tomorrows evolution
leaving the frivolous tendencies of the past
hoping that in a nonvolatile manner
we guarantee a better future for our progeny.

I write this poem above for many Nations going through the pains of bad leadership and especially my home country Nigeria, which has been a boiling pot.

I am Nigerian by birth. From the Igbo tribe and I am Biafran. Over decades, the Igbo’s have been marginalized in the convoluted tribes of a Nation married by the Colonial Masters. This led to the Civil war that left millions dead – Chimamanda’s award-winning book, Half of The Yellow Sun is centered on this.

The Igbo’s have constantly sought a referendum and a chance to be heard. Constantly, the ruling government feels that deploying soldiers to the South-East to kill and maim civilians is the only way they can quell any agitations, meanwhile, the marauding Fulani/Boko Haram terrorists are left undefeated.

Yet again, last week, they killed unarmed Igbo men for demonstrating and singing for their freedom. Right now, it seems as if my country is on the brink of another Civil war.

An excerpt from BBC explaining The Biafra Civil War

Once I saw the prompt word ‘vol’ from Linda for today’s Stream of Consciousness, my mind got stuck on revolution.


18 thoughts on “Convolution of Tribes…

  1. It’s unfortunate that a gov’t feels armed aggression against a segment of it’s citizens will accomplish something. In the case of Nigeria they have not learned that violence against a peaceful group will only make that peaceful group rise up and stage armed rebellion. One can say if Nigerian gov’t used other methods they wouldn’t have a Boko Haram problem…..

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  2. I was about writing about my Igbo people and what they are going through and then I saw this post… I pray that a revolution comes, with what is going on, I keep losing my affiliation with Nigeria and more with Biafra… I weep for those that have lost their lives in-necessarily, for the young girl whose brother- an only son- was shot dead. For the senseless government, for the corruption that is deep rooted in our people. Indeed I pray for a new era, more accountability, more tolerance, development, no good shed..

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  3. Very sad what is happening there. But I think all governments eventually turn rotten. I am sure it is because we give them so much of our power. They should NEVER have it! Power corrupts. What should we expect?


      1. I think most people who run for office are already (even if in the back of their minds) looking for that power over others. Maybe some just learn to love it once they get a taste for it, but it seems almost everyone gets corrupted once they get some power. It’s some kind of sickness or something!

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