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Nature offers you her beauty in abundance at every nook and cranny. Just take a look around you.

The Immortal Jukebox

What’s in your jukebox? I enjoyed this post. Like her, when I started my blogging journey, it was without any expectations but simply to write to my heart’s content and those letters from the heart yield abundant results.

Who’s My Favourite Today

I read this short beautiful post and my thoughts stray to me and my son who will be transitioning off to college by the tail-end of next year all things being equal. I must say that my heart often skips a bit when I think of it.

The Great Divide Just Got Wider

A read that compels one to wonder. I pray things get better soon. I’ll borrow the comments made by Kevin Brennan

What kills me is that this brand of racist hatred is in no way compatible with Christianity, yet they wear the cross like they’re marchin’ for Jesus. Hey, Jesus would tear them a new one if he came back today!

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