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Birds At War

The light had turned green but I couldn’t move. Not because my car had broken down, but because three birds chose to have a street fight right in front of my car.

At first, I couldn’t figure out what was going on with all the squawking and strutting back and forth. I thought one of them was dead – the one that was lying down and being stomped on – and that they were trying to lift it up and take it home with them.

I watched for a couple of minutes, tapped my horn but they didn’t respond. The light went back to red and the cars behind me were upset that I was causing a delay. All the cars zipping past and the horn didn’t perturb these angry birds. I took several shots with my phone camera and decided to get down and lift the supposedly dead bird to the side walk.

To my surprise, when I got close enough they all took off and continued their squabble on the side walk. Now in retrospect, I wish I had taken a video of the unusual scene.

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25 thoughts on “Birds At War

  1. I too had a bird on the highway experience. This one was surprisingly uplifting. On a very busy four lane city highway I realized all four lanes were coming to a fast stop. I was one of the ones at the front … I knew the situation and was THRILLED to see all the other drivers watch in awe and appreciation of the other drivers as a family of geese proudly and calmly crossed the highway. We were nowhere near water or a lake or even a pond; this happening warmed my heart and cemented my belief that people are basically good … very good !! jan

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    1. What a heartwarming sight. Back in my neighbourhood in Houston, we lived close to a pond that even had a Duck crossing sign and occasionally a mother goose and her little ones would go waddling across 🙂


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