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My Boy Lollipop…

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On my stroll, I saw this leftover or should I say the accidentally leftover lollipop, its bright sticky sweetness attracting little black ants that I could see drawing closer.

It’s just a mere stick of lollipop but it brought this old tune to my mind, ‘my boy lollipop, by Millie Smalls,’ and I hummed and reminisced as I enjoyed my stroll.

I grew up listening to my dad play this song on his old Grundig. I couldn’t have been more than 5 years old if memory serves me well and I didn’t know what the lyrics meant, but that tune was partly responsible for my kindness to lollipops πŸ˜‰

I can imagine the disappointment of the young one whose lollipop popped out of their mouth but he or she doesn’t know that their loss offered me a brief dip into beautiful old memories and I daresay the ants were glad too.

Sometimes unexpected things trigger off memories stored in the recesses of our minds; sweet, bittersweet, poignant, dark, sharp memories of childhood and I’ve learnt to embrace all these memories both the beautiful and the ugly ones. They weave together to make me the tapestry of the soul that I am today.

Here’s a little offer of ‘my boy lollipop.’


26 thoughts on “My Boy Lollipop…

  1. I loved this song … I went to Youtube to see Millie Smalls sing this … I don’t remember hearing it … though I was certainly alive and kicking in 1964 … thanks Jacqueline for the trip to the past with a blast !!! jan

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  2. Great post! You are so right, it just takes something little to trigger a memory. Love how our brain works that way. Just like my post yesterday about words triggering memories.
    I am thinking now of Shirley Temple’s song and the Good Ship Lollipop! πŸ™‚

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  3. Ah, you failed in your good Samaritan duty of picking up the trash and throwing it to the nearest trash can😊
    Your heart must be bleeding for the starving black ants, so you left the delicacy in place to be enjoyed by the poor ants. Bless your soul!

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