Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Unseen Ceilings… Stream of Consciousness Saturday

They say that the sky is the limit
well, that’s a half-truth
‘cos they will place unseen glass ceilings
to keep you tightly sealed in.

They’ll watch with keen interest
to see how you can push through,
to see if you’ve got the gumption
to put cracks in that ceiling

I say that putting cracks is not enough;
and I know it won’t be easy,
but if you take the sealing off your mind
you can bring that ceiling crashing down.

When I saw the prompt for today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday ‘sealing/ceiling,’ many things came to my mind.

I wanted to write my thoughts about glass ceilings and its effect on women, but it would have become an essay, ‘cos I have a lot to say on this subject. I’ll, however, leave off delving into it right now and save it for the day that I’m ready for a war of sexes.



8 thoughts on “Unseen Ceilings… Stream of Consciousness Saturday

  1. Fascinating and intriguing. I had read a FB post from a co-worker who is frustrated by our job. I understand his feelings and I was inspired to write a blog post addressing job frustration and how I have been able to work through it. I’m hoping things will turn around for my co-worker because he is a nice guy and I know how rough our job can be.

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