Friday Fiction in Five Sentences

Treachery…Friday Fiction in Five Sentences

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Stumbling across details of his secret family – a mistress and two sons, twelve and seven-year-old boys ensconced in a nice town house downtown, whilst she played Martha Stewart at home – had been beyond a rude shock.

Cecilia was still dumbfounded at the turn of things.

How did she not see the tell-tale signs, a consistent barrage of questions raced back and forth in her mind.

Her emotions were all over the place as she struggled to reconcile with the enormity of Tom’s treachery and how he had managed to live a lie for so long.

Their twenty-five-year-old marriage was now confined to a file in a divorce lawyers office.

© Jacqueline


14 thoughts on “Treachery…Friday Fiction in Five Sentences

  1. Well the wife is always the last to know. Thank God she at least had the guts to walk out on him Imagine being married for 25 years to a man who was unfaithful for the better half of the time they were together!

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    1. I honestly wonder why the wife is always the last to know? I guess most times a wife would hate to find out such devastating truth thus she blocks her mind from such reality till it’s unavoidable.


  2. Beautiful home now only a beautiful house. Very good story, Jacque By the way, Jacque, do you know anyone else who is doing quote challenges. I’m missing ours and would like to join someone else. 😀 Thanks, dear friend

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    1. I do miss the quote challenge as well and I’ve only seen people doing individual quotes but not a challenge. Maybe we could start a new challenge? I would love to do one as well. Let me bounce it around – but my initial thought is to start a new one called ‘Your Quote of The Week.’

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