Echos Of My Neighbourhood

Hibernating in the malls – Echoes of my neighbourhood

Our Summer days over here are not filled with barbecues and frolicking at the pool side. It’s steaming hot, that staying outside for longer than is required is asking for heat stroke. If the idea of leaving your side of ribs on the sidewalk to sizzle and grill appeals to you, then by all means indulge and yes it’s possible, I’ve eaten sand-baked lamb and the gentle roast is flavourful.

So, these days with children on vacation and going cabin crazy, most malls are flooded with folks and families seeking momentary respite while we wait with bated breath for the cooler months of Autumn and Winter for our days by the poolside and other wonderful indulgences. For now, we turn into night bats and recreate as the weather permits.


20 thoughts on “Hibernating in the malls – Echoes of my neighbourhood

  1. I don’t think I could live in a place with such searing heat anymore. In my younger days we lived in the middle of the Nth Qld desert where mid summer heat was around 45C every day. A dry heat, so it made it somewhat more bearable.

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  2. I hate frolicking by the poolside in any weather and it is great fun to people watch and escape the heat in a cool air conditioned mall. One old lady said that her granddaughter loved “Malling” ! Obviously this is a new form of recreation!

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