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Today’s featured blogs are:

Hear me when I say my poem 

A poem full of fire and spirit. Makes me want to stand tall.

This song is for you

This one echoes for many of us. Positive and uplifting

Hey, I’m a bird

Sonorous and light. If I had the wings of a bird, I would fly free and sit on the clouds.

Gaia reclaiming her land

The words of Woody Guthrie makes you think of home and it matches the empowering poem from Deborah.

V. J. Knutson

The byline of her blog ‘passion for writing ignites my soul’s momentum,’ has a richness to it that’s just a snippet of interesting posts – Tender hearts fall   Step in and say hello.

Message in a bottle

A light, short and lovely read. Here’s my comment below:

A lovely read. The sea carried it back and forth and decided it had had enough of the bottled passenger. I enjoyed this 🙂

Good people doing good things

What an amazing couple! This is awesome and inspiring. Selfless people like the Geraldi’s don’t come too often in this society of ours. This is the sort of news I like to read. It gives one hope.

Please read

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