Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

What Are You Willing To Give? #SoCS

Giving my thoughts free rein this morning, my mind automatically rests on thoughts of Jesus Christ and yesterday’s sermon of Good Friday where we recalled how he was betrayed by Judas and crucified.

His Life was traded and given away for 30 pieces of Silver and though it happened over 2,000 years ago and for many, it reads like an old tale from the storybooks, it’s a fact and always leaves me in shivers.

I wonder to myself how horrifying and beyond pain it must be to be clubbed to the inch of one’s life and nailed to a cross to slowly die.

From the beginning of time, man’s attitude towards what they don’t understand has always been to destroy it because it just doesn’t fit into the frame of their mind and plan.

We forget that the minds we’ve been given can only grow in proportion to our way of thinking, that our sojourn on Earth is only for mere years and that there are things that our human mind may never, ever comprehend.

I ask myself, would I willingly give my life and submit to such inhumane treatment for the benefit of others and I don’t have a ready answer to such complicated question though a little part of my mind whispers ‘you are not Jesus Christ.’

How difficult it is for us to give a neighbor a helping hand in their time of need, to give out of what we have, yet we willingly take and take.

Yet in a split second, selfish and savage tendencies can overpower the thinking faculties of men that they bay for the blood of other men whom we didn’t give life to.

Crucifying has not gone out of fashion, it has merely morphed into different ugly methods. Just take a hard and long look around you.

We’ve been given so much by life, what are we willing to give?

Most times all we are required to give is to love while we are here and to stop thinking of only how we can receive. How difficult can that be?

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

SoCS –  “give/given/giving.”


15 thoughts on “What Are You Willing To Give? #SoCS

  1. I believe in doing a good deed, in helping others. Though in this day and time one has to be careful if nit being taking advantage of. Which is a sad thing to say but very truth. We often help our neighbours and neighbours think we owe them and are quite un neighbourly. On which after 20 plus years of this i decided to take a stand. On taking a stand for ourself..our neighbours dont speak to us. We stayed quiet for 20 years..but the took more and more advantages.

    I will always go good and give because it is the rught and human thing to do. But, we live in a selfish world ..

    Jesus story is really terrible for a few coins he was given…he was given and destroyed for what people didnt understand and wanted to squash..

    The world is a funny place…

    Our mind is to be used and grown as you said . We have gone to the moon and back.. yet we remain small minded in anything that challenges our moral laziness in doing good and being good .. instead we must control another in some way… even if they are kind…oh the world is a funny place…so much good there is but so much hate there is.. it is sad so very sad.😐

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    1. That’s the sad aspect of life. There will always be those who are so self-centered and tend to take advantage of others. There are those whose moral conscience is so dead that they can sell their soul for pieces of silver, that’s how sad it does get, but then I always pray that goodness prevails.

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  2. “Crucifying has not gone out of fashion”. Wow, that is so powerful and will surely keep me thinking throughout the day on it. I wonder why crucifying is human nature for so many?

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  3. “Yet in a split second, selfish and savage tendencies can overpower the thinking faculties of men that they bay for the blood of other men whom we didn’t give life to.” What a powerful and poetic statement! I hope and pray men’s thinking faculties and compassion will grow to overcome the selfish and savage tendencies.


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