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How Do We Explain This?

How on earth do humans forget so quickly that xenophobic history continually repeats itself? I thought that like is commonly said that experience is the best teacher should have taught us hard earned lessons by now that hate is such a destructive fuel that divides and dehumanizes?

How can we explain recent wicked acts that are perpetrated in civil society? How can we condone these things as though they are normal?

Watching recent vile, vivid videos about Xenophobic attacks in South Africa – acts of hatred perpetrated by black South Africans on other African natives residing over there, people from Nations who stood by South Africans through Apartheid – where the perpetrators cite the lack of jobs in their community as the fault of non-indigenes who have taken all their jobs. A particular video making the rounds issues a serious warning of more attacks if the non-SA residents don’t leave in the next 14 days.

I wish that my brain could unwatch these despicable acts of horror. How exactly do these specimens of homo sapiens live with themselves after their deplorable acts?

My mind hovers on the current situation in the States and I fear for the degeneration of situations. Some may have not seen the documentary, but an underground network of sanctuaries is sprouting up anonymously in the US by concerned citizens who want to help victims caught up in the ICE windstorm.

Does this not bring the underground railroad set up for slaves to mind? Are we retrogressing or what?

How have we forgotten the horrors of the holocaust, the annihilation of the Native Americans, the bitter fruits of slavery still being harvested till today? How do humans make such poor students and such horrible mistakes?

I am still struggling to understand how hate can consume the mind so much that all reasoning fails. Sometimes, I wonder if people fail to realize that none of us will get out of here alive. That the piece of red earth we fight tooth and nail, kill and maim others for will still fall to the termites?

How far are we willing to degenerate before we can rise up and say enough?

We are better than this. We are one human race and I hope someday that we’ll realize this somehow.


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10 thoughts on “How Do We Explain This?

  1. Jackie,
    Love your post- xenophobia is dangerous but the underground organizations helping people to stay on is encouraging.
    World without borders and equality of resources and sharing of resources with all should be the goal. Then there will be no need to be a refugee or an illegal immigrant.

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  2. I relate with what you say here very much. We forget because we choose the forget. People die and we forget, we don’t listen to those who came before us or see the applicability of the past in the modern world. I suppose that’s why they say those who don’t learn from their past are doomed to repeat it and why history is doomed too repeat itself. History shows mankind does not learn and I think some of us we try a lot but we cannot break from our shell of sin and imperfection — from this cyclical pattern of history — atrocity — learning from — forgetting — attrocity etc. . And that would be where God comes in, the only way to break bad patterns and the awful and terrible in the world. God is love and the only way to heal a broken world.

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  3. Weird coming from a blue – eyed blond white girl, but I guess I’m saying I see that when humanity can be racist or cruel, cast blame on a race has Hitler did and use them as scapegoats or as was done with Japanese in Internment camps, or now with the refugees and the US and Trump’s policies closing boarders to people in this country — it will do it or someone will do it and others will allow it. It’s very sad 😦


  4. I agree with you wholeheartedly Jacqueline. We are one people and under the skin our blood still runs the same way. Maybe we should all swap babies at birth so we grow to love the different hues we are, or maybe make a law forcing inter racial marriage until all our children are the same colour. Better still, why not start teaching respect for others in school until tolerance becomes second nature.
    What we can’t do without problems is elect leaders from the right who promote hatred between different racial groups and who give top jobs to people who support the KKK an White Supremacy.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


  5. I can’t speak for the rest of the planet but here in the US of A I feel it would be so much better if we could eliminate political parties and elect people only on their ability to lead and to carry out the functions of their job descriptions. Political agendas and posturing are causing most of the problems we now face. Case in point, and without taking sides, the Trump administration (foolishly in my view) recently removed all restrictions on deportation priorities while verbally emphasizing that criminal aliens should be given priority for removal. This action provided an opportunity for those in ICE who wish to defeat the Trump administration, the net result being that we are now seeing undocumented immigrants with no criminal history being targeted because their situations make for sensational, anti-Trump headlines. These people are truly being victimized for political reasons, not because they present any sort of danger to the country, but because they can be used as a cause celebre. Trump is at fault because by playing to his base he has ignored the need to protect families while removing those who are a threat to the country. His opposition is equally at fault because they don’t care who gets hurt as long as they can make a point. A pox on both their houses.


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