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How Do We Explain This?

How on earth do humans forget so quickly that xenophobic history continually repeats itself? I thought that like is commonly said that experience is the best teacher should have taught us hard earned lessons by now that hate is such a destructive fuel that divides and dehumanizes?

How can we explain recent wicked acts that are perpetrated in civil society? How can we condone these things as though they are normal?

Watching recent vile, vivid videos about Xenophobic attacks in South Africa – acts of hatred perpetrated by black South Africans on other African natives residing over there, people from Nations who stood by South Africans through Apartheid – where the perpetrators cite the lack of jobs in their community as the fault of non-indigenes who have taken all their jobs. A particular video making the rounds issues a serious warning of more attacks if the non-SA residents don’t leave in the next 14 days.

I wish that my brain could unwatch these despicable acts of horror. How exactly do these specimens of homo sapiens live with themselves after their deplorable acts?

My mind hovers on the current situation in the States and I fear for the degeneration of situations. Some may have not seen the documentary, but an underground network of sanctuaries is sprouting up anonymously in the US by concerned citizens who want to help victims caught up in the ICE windstorm.

Does this not bring the underground railroad set up for slaves to mind? Are we retrogressing or what?

How have we forgotten the horrors of the holocaust, the annihilation of the Native Americans, the bitter fruits of slavery still being harvested till today? How do humans make such poor students and such horrible mistakes?

I am still struggling to understand how hate can consume the mind so much that all reasoning fails. Sometimes, I wonder if people fail to realize that none of us will get out of here alive. That the piece of red earth we fight tooth and nail, kill and maim others for will still fall to the termites?

How far are we willing to degenerate before we can rise up and say enough?

We are better than this. We are one human race and I hope someday that we’ll realize this somehow.


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